• In our Community Advocacy and Agit-Prop work, students collaborated with a broad-based constituency to bring forth the People’s Platform for Equality and Justice, which articulates the vision of Over-the-Rhine and other urban neighborhoods from the point of view of the city’s most vulnerable citizens. A project spearheaded by the Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless, students were directly involved in the draft of the language, the graphic design of the document itself, as well as the design of several flyers for neighborhood dissemination to encourage citizen participation in meetings and events.

Discussion Papers

Unrigging the Literacy Game: Political Literacies that Challenge Econocide – 2015, Originally posted on Literacy in Composition Studies Journal. Vol. 3 No. 1 – 2015

Where is our Sense of Community? – 2014

Econocide Over-the-Rhine  A Working Paper – 2014, also posted on

The Drop Inn Center Re(moves) to the Butternut Bread Factory – A Half-Baked Idea – 2013, also posted on

From the Continuum of Care to Strategies to Care Less: From Anna Louise to the Drop In Center? A Working Paper – 2013

Book Review – Econocide: Elimination of the Urban Poor – 2012

Do You Have a Sign? – 2012, also Posted on the Cincinnati Beacon, and published in StreetVibes

Why the Drop Inn Center Should Not be Moved – 2011

Engaging Community Literacy through the Rhetorical Work of a Social Movement (Christopher Wilkey) – 2010

Interview with Bonnie Neumeier -2010

District 9 Over-the-Rhine – 2010

A Call to Artists – 2009

When Humanitarianism Goes Bad – 2008

Teach the City – 2008

When Personal Responsibility Becomes Abusive – 2008

The Futures of Community Organizing: The Need For A New Political Imaginary  – 2008

The Gift of Drop Inn Center – 2008

Colony Over the Rhine – 2007

Indian Reservations, Trojan Horses and Economic Mix – 2007, related video: Channel 12 Interviews Tom Dutton

Gentrification – It Ain’t What You Think – 2006

Labor Against Empire: At Home and Abroad – 2004

The National Underground Corporate Center to Railroad Freedom – 2004

How Did It Happen? By buddy gray

Affiliated Practices/Aesthetic Interventions – 2003

Nightmare on Vine Street – 2002

Cincinnati A Year Later But No Wiser – 2002

A Rush to Judgement – 2001

Violence By Any Other Name – 2001

Corporate Liberalism in Cincinnati – 1999