215 E 14th Street: Peaslee Neighborhood Center Initiatives, Summer 2010 – Spring 2011


Peaslee Neighborhood Center is housed in a three-story Modernist concrete-and-glass school in Over-the-Rhine. Although the building may lack the historical detailing of its neighbors, the building made an ideal platform for multiple investigations by architecture students, and it’s well-suited for Peaslee’s activities, including arts and music education, day care, and office spaces for community organizations.

The first deliverable by the students was a 75 page facilities assessment, which sought to document the existing conditions of building structure, systems, finishes and components. Not a glamorous task, but necessary to help Peaslee administration prioritize improvement activities for the building. Students used Construction Standards Institute (CSI) format to organize the document, and documented elements with photos and sketches, as well as written description.
Students developed schemes for future expansion/redevelopment of Peaslee, increasing space for rental offices, meeting areas, storage and arts education classes.
As part of the design-build work, architecture students developed a modular outdoor storage system to solve immediate storage challenges. The concept was to use “off the rack” materials to create snap-together, durable units that could be replicated.
Students in the 2011 Atelier took a break from their semester project to charette a “Safety City” at Peaslee Neighborhood Center. This included traffic layout, detailing of signposts, and fabrication and painting of scaled street signs to help prepare young urbanites for life downtown.
A Parking Garage Impact Study was also developed by Miami students. Given the increasing density and desire for parking in Over-the-Rhine—as well as the surface parking that surrounds Peaslee—the students investigated the benefits and drawbacks of an adjacent parking deck.
In the spring, Danielle Musselman and Gonzalo Martinez spearheaded the installation of the Peaslee outdoor storage units, which were designed and fabricated in the fall of 2010. They also completed the fabrication of a third storage unit kit via the CNC at Miami’s woodshop in Oxford. This kit was installed (successfully, in a day) by the fall 2011 residency cohort.
With: Ellen Crawford; Gonzalo Martinez; Danielle Musselman; Natalie Otrembiak –and-
Jennifer Dickerson, Olivia Hallquist, Kelsey Hillebrand, Maddi Underhill.