1300 Vine: buddy’s place loft, Summer and Fall 2010

For years we heard lore about an undeveloped “mystery space” on the fourth floor of buddy’s place—including a roof deck. From the parking lot you can detect a parapet notched out of the roof slope, but it wasn’t until spring 2010 that we got up there for a good look.

When buddy’s place was renovated in the mid-90’s, the HUD project funding could not be applied to non-residential spaces. So a rental office with kitchenette and toilet was stubbed-in and wired, but left incomplete. An adjacent space on the other side of a 14” brick wall became an attic for left-over lumber and building supplies, with a crudely built 2×10 loft. The roof deck was completed during building renovation, but only served as a means of access to the lumber loft.

Beginning with the Summer Workshop in May 2010, the design build studio re-designed the space as the office for Over-the-Rhine Community Housing’s on-site caseworker, with the completed kitchenette, accessible toilet, and a new opening through the brick wall into the former lumber loft, soon to be a conference area and small retreat space.

Workshop participants completed permit drawings and began demolition, including working with an experienced mason to set a precast lintel for the new opening. Some existing installed drywall was salvaged, and subfloors were leveled and prepared for new 5/8” bamboo. The loft was dismantled. The 16-foot, 2x lumber was lowered over the side of the building and taken to the Over-the-Rhine Community Housing warehouse for re-use, while the remaining short lumber was sliced and laminated with end-grain up to create a two-piece conference table.

Fall design build studio advanced the project with meticulous drywall and painting. They finished leveling the floor and installed the bamboo. They installed the 300+ pound concrete countertop slabs, with off-the-rack cast iron pipe legs for the bar area. New, uncut fir French door slabs were purchased. These were framed, weather-stripped and installed by the students. Poplar trim was used to frame-out the windows and doors, with exaggerated dimensions to mask fire damaged and broken bricks. A tongue-and-groove fir landing was built for code-compliant deck access, and a custom bamboo shelf was installed in the kitchenette below the recessed microwave.

With: Curt Sparks, co-instructor; Ellen Crawford; Jennifer Dickerson; Rob Fausz; Jose Guitierrez; Ashley Kincaid; JoePaul Luikart; Gonzalo Martinez; Ming Ming; Danielle Musselman; Kat Roosen; Stephen Starkey; Bo Zhang.

Special thanks to the following for their generous contributions:
High Concrete Group, Springboro, OH for pouring our countertops.
Corken Steel, Covington, KY for providing the ductless air conditioning system.
Schmidt Heating and Cooling, for installing the air conditioning system.
Tom Brausch for consulting on carpentry issues.
Also, thanks to the following for their outstanding service:
Lee Stultz Electric
Tarvin Plumbing
Greener Stock
JB Doppes Sons Lumber Co.