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Hire The Best

At Coyote Logistics, a UPS company, it all starts with our people. We are a Pack — we take care of each other and share in each other’s success. That is, and always will be, one of Coyote’s core values.

When looking for new Coyotes to join the pack, it was an easy decision to become a Career Partner with Miami University’s Center for Career Exploration & Success (CCES). Together, we combined our networking abilities to create a successful on-campus recruiting strategy. Our newest recruiter is a key example of this success.

Meet Caitlin Roth.

As a junior at Miami, Caitlin found Coyote at Miami’s Fall Career Fair where she was enamored with the energetic recruiters providing a real-life glimpse into the vibrant culture of Coyote. Ultimately, Caitlin chose Coyote’s summer internship program for the extensive training and opportunity to have the same responsibilities as a full-time sales representative.

Photo of Caitlin Roth assisting with the Coyote display at Miami’s Career Fair.After a successful internship, Caitlin spent her senior year spreading the word about Coyote on Miami’s campus. That fall, Caitlin assisted our recruiters at the Career Fair, where she experienced the strong relationship between Coyote and CCES. Thanks to Miami’s diverse academic programs and the efforts of CCES, Coyote recruiters always meet top-quality candidates who are prepared for their future careers.

Caitlin recognized the opportunity for growth at Coyote from her internship experience. After graduating Cum Laude with a degree in Strategic Communication and Professional Writing, she started her Coyote career as a National Account Manager in 2017. Caitlin learned firsthand the importance of educating students on Coyote’s career opportunities. She is excited to take advantage of the Career Partners Program with CCES as Coyote’s newest recruiter!

Real World

Stoll-verticalYou are about to enter the “real world,” and if you are anything like I was at the end of my senior year at Miami, the two thoughts that are constantly on your mind are: “I no longer have to go to class!” and “I can’t wait to get a job and see that first real paycheck hit my bank account!”  Little did I know that I was about to embark on the longest and most rewarding educational endeavor of my life and that the paycheck is only a small fraction of what gives you satisfaction in your career.

I’ve been gainfully employed for almost a decade now, and have experience working for both a small, closely-held financial planning firm and now, a mid-sized, publicly traded, commercial transportation insurance company.  Each experience has taught me a little something about what it takes to find a career and succeed in it.  For what they are worth, below are a few of my thoughts.

The keys to finding and securing your first job:

  1. Look beyond today. Look for a company with growth potential, not only for the company itself but for you as an individual.  With growth comes opportunity; whether that means a new role within the organization or an opportunity to move to a new city because of an acquisition, both of which happened for me.  At this point in your career you have nothing to lose…so take a chance and look for a company where you think you’ll have the greatest opportunity for personal and professional growth.
  2. Study up! Really get know the company you’ll be interviewing with.  What do they do?   Who do they serve?  And most importantly what sets them apart?  I say the last is most important because it gives you an idea of what drives the organization.  In turn, you can use that information to explain how your skills and knowledge align with the company objectives.  i.e.  What sets you apart from all of the other Miami graduates that come knocking? In today’s world there is no excuse for not doing your homework; you have an abundance of information right at your fingertips.  You may even be able to go as far as to learn a little about the individuals you’ll be interviewing with.  It is quite apparent during an interview who has and who has not done their research.  And I can tell you from personal experience, if you do not have an interest in learning about the company, they likely will not take an interest in you.  Study up.

Succeeding in your career:

  1. Invest In Yourself. Everything you have learned up to this point has been laying the groundwork upon which you are now responsible for building your career on.  Organizations recognize those individuals who continue to invest in themselves and pursue additional education opportunities; some will even invest along with you. Whether it is another degree or a specific designation relative to your field, you should make every attempt you can to broaden your knowledge.
  2. Contribute. This means more than just showing up on time and getting your job done.  As a new employee you have something to offer that no one else does; a fresh perspective.  Don’t be afraid to use it.  If you think there is a more effective or efficient way to accomplish something within the organization, voice your opinion, but be prepared to follow it up with action. I would challenge you to keep this mindset throughout your career.  It is easy to settle into the, “this is the way it has always been done” mentality.  But the truth of the matter is, new ideas and fresh perspectives are what continue to move organizations forward and you can play a part in that.

I have found my career at National Interstate Insurance Company, an organization that sets itself apart from its competitors by offering customized insurance solutions for our clients.  I am excited to come to the office every day, because each day is an opportunity to contribute to the success of our organization.

And did I mention we’re growing!?  When I joined the company eight years ago, we had 300 employees and grossed $300M in revenue, today we have 650 employees and gross nearly $750M in revenue, and we don’t plan on stopping.  If any (or all) of that sounds as appealing to you as it did to me, I’d encourage you to check out our careers page at, for what could be the start of a very rewarding “real world” experience.

And don’t forget, study up!

– Josh Stoll, Product Manager, Truck Alternative Risk Programs – Class of ‘07


by Mary Beth Barnes, Assistant Director, Career Services

As your student begins his or her journey as a first year student at Miami, it is important your student stays engaged in career exploration and explores many opportunities to learn about potential career pathways that match his or her interests. One successful approach to your student’s career development involves building relationships. Your student has, and will continue to build and foster a network of professional relationships. As you may know, it takes time to build a solid network and can at times feel overwhelming, especially as students are beginning their collegiate career.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 87 percent of graduating seniors used the social networking site LinkedIn in their job search. LinkedIn is the leading professional network on the web and one of the ways in which your students can connect with the Miami University Career Community. We are happy to report that Miamians have an impressive presence on LinkedIn. There are more than 113,000 Miami alumni, students, and contacts represented on the site. By using the LinkedIn Alumni Tool Miami students can find Miami alumni in the industries and geographical areas that they are most interested in. Students can even go so far as to search by major, by year of graduation, degree, name of employer and skill.

Many students have had great success networking with Miami alumni through LinkedIn. In fact, we often encourage students to reach out to alumni through LinkedIn for informational interviews so that they can learn more about the various career paths our alumni pursue. It is important students learn the proper etiquette for using LinkedIn as a networking tool and use it to grow their network throughout college.

Career Services offers many workshops and opportunities to help students build their LinkedIn profiles and learn about the best ways to engage and outreach on the site. Students can check out the Career Services website for times and locations of our LinkedIn 101 workshops. Additionally our website lists the times students can drop-in and visit with a Career Assistant to have a profile review. Free LinkedIn headshots are available weekly at the Armstrong Student Center and will also be available at the Fall Career Fair on September 16th.

How To Find A Great Career

by Chris Mikolay, National Interstate Asst. VP of National Accounts, ’99

picture of Chris Mikolay

If you were graduating from Miami University 15 years ago, and you could fog a mirror, you probably had at least 3 job offers in hand. Back then the economy was on fire, dot com start-ups promised to change the world, and your bike probably still had training wheels on it.

Luckily for me, I happened to be graduating from Miami in 1999, and, since I conveniently had a pulse, I in fact had several job offers to choose from.  Sadly, it’s not so easy now.  Yet, even though it’s tougher to find a job these days, that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there or that you shouldn’t be discerning in your job search.

As someone who’s been in the “real world” for a decade and a half, and who has worked for a start-up, a multi-billion dollar global corporation, and now, a mid-sized publicly traded company, I’ve learned a few things about what it takes to find a great career.  And so I humbly submit a few thoughts on how you should approach your job hunt. Consider these pro tips from a guy who has sometimes learned the hard way:

Take a risk

You’re what, 21, maybe 22 years old?  Now is the time to do something daring.  What’s the worst that can happen? You go home and live in your parents basement for a while if the risk you took doesn’t pan out? That’s not so bad. Hey, at least you tried. And even better, if you do fail, at least you don’t have kids, a mortgage and a dog to feed. Now is the time to take a risk, when you have nothing to lose.

My recommendation, when you search for a job, is to widen your net. Don’t limit yourself to geography, industry, or how “stable” you believe your future job will be. If you widen your horizons, if you take the bolder choice, you will almost certainly look back someday and find, no matter how things work out, that getting out of your comfort zone was one of the best decisions you ever made.

Go with growth

My senior year at Miami I took a marketing class with Dr. David Rosenthal, who was known to be tough.  He was demanding and direct, but I found him to be challenging and I learned a great deal (which, not coincidentally, is exactly what you want in a boss). I took away numerous lessons from Dr. Rosenthal, one of which is “go with growth”.

You want to be with a company that is growing, that takes calculated risk, that has a history of innovation. There are plenty of slow moving companies in stagnant industries that have jobs available. Don’t work for them. Find the company that is making headlines, that is winning awards for revenue and profit growth (shameless plug: my employer, National Interstate, happens to be one of them!). These kinds of companies are not only more fun, but they’ll have job openings and need good people in any economy. Your career trajectory will mirror the company’s growth.  So pick the company that is growing like a weed.

Choose your boss

If it doesn’t happen to you, you will certainly have a friend who ends up working for the devil incarnate.  Remember this: people don’t leave companies, they leave their managers. You have more power to choose your boss than you realize. And so you should take great care when searching for a job, when interviewing, and after receiving a job offer, to make certain that you know who you’ll be working for.

Do your homework, find out what your future manager’s style is like, ask specifically how he or she will mentor you. And just like you don’t want to work for a tyrant, you don’t want to work for someone who is your best friend either; the ideal boss will challenge you, provide honest feedback, look out for your career and help you grow professionally. Choose your boss wisely: a great manager will be like rocket fuel for your career, and a poor manager will stunt your growth and directly correlate with how much you hate your job.

Know how to ace an interview

I’ve interviewed countless people, many fresh out of college. It astounds me how often people screw up the interview. And, seriously, it is honestly not that hard to ace an interview: First, do your homework. No, I mean, really do your homework. Learn everything you can about the company you will be interviewing with. Then formulate questions. Really good questions. Because it’s a two way street; great companies need great people, and if you happen to be smart, ambitious and willing to roll up your sleeves, that company should be selling themselves on you. During the interview, if you are inquisitive about the company, if you ask great questions that show you are prepared, and if you follow-up promptly, you’ve done more than 90% of the people you are competing against for the job.

When I graduated from Miami, I moved to Denver to work for a true start-up company. It was a risk I’ll never regret taking, and I grew in many ways both personally and professionally. Unfortunately, after several years our growing company hired a new CEO who turned out to be a bully and a tyrant, and that’s when I learned it’s important to choose who you work for. I left and spent a short period at a large multi-national company, and while the pay and job stability were nice, I found I didn’t like feeling like a cog in a wheel. For nearly a decade now I have been with National Interstate Insurance Company, a mid-sized publicly traded transportation insurer. The company is growing (go with growth!), I have a tough but ultimately very fair boss who makes me better (choose your boss!), and the work I do is interesting and meaningful. Our offices are filled with great people who share a “work hard, play hard” mentality.

I’ve been fortunate to find a great company where I feel like I can make a difference and where, when it comes to managing my career, the sky is the limit.

Your senior year at Miami should be one of the best years of your life. Don’t let the stress of finding a job after graduation ruin it. Just get the process started earlier than later, network with everyone you can, and keep in mind the thoughts I’ve outlined above and there’s a good chance upon graduation that you’ll end up at a company you love with a great career trajectory.

Stay Informed

Having up-to-date information about the industry sectors or career paths you’re most interested can help you make informed career choices and prepare you for informational interviews, networking meetings, and actual job interviews. Advance your career by subscribing to one or more of the free e-newsletters, RSS feeds, or twitter accounts listed below.

As you review the resources in the Stay Informed section, consider using the Feedly app (available on both the Web and mobile devices) to aggregate RSS feeds from different industry publications into a daily report delivered directly to your phone or browser. Numerous Feedly ‘how to’ videos are available.


Business, Economics, and Analytics

AICPA – Accounting

AIPICS Supply Chain and Operations – Supply Chain, Sourcing, Lean, and Operations

American Bankers Association – Banking Regulations

American Hotel and Lodging Association – Hotel and Lodging Industry

American Marketing Association – Marketing

AMSTAT NEWS – Statistics

Analytics Magazine – Statistics and Analytics

Association of American Railroads – Railroad Freight Industry

Bank News – Community Banking

Banking Business Review – U.S. and International Banking

Bond Buyer – Municipal Finance

Brand Channel – Branding

Business Insurance – Risk Management

Businessweek – Business

Center for Creative Leadership – Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Charles River Associates – Economics

Consortium on Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations – Emotional Intelligence

Credit Union Journal – Credit Unions

Direct Marketing News – Direct, Database, and Integrated Marketing

Entrepreneur Magazine – Small Business Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship

Fast Company – Innovation in Technology, Economics, Leadership, and Design

Financial Planning – Investment Planning

Financial Times – Global Business News

Food Digital – Food Production, Franchising, Retail, and Restaurant News

Food Marketing Institute – Food Marketing

Futures Industry Association – Futures and Options

Global Association for Risk Professionals – Financial and Energy Risk Management

GlobeScan – Environmental and Sustainability Branding

Grocery Manufacturers Association – Food, Nutrition, and Supply Chain

HDM Magazine – Health Data Management

Hedge World – Private Equity and Hedge Fund

INC. – Small and Medium Sized Business

Industry Week – Operations, Lean, and Manufacturing

Institute for Operations Research and Management Science – Decision Science

Institutional Investor – Finance

Insurance News Net – Insurance

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans – Employee Benefits

International Franchise Association – Franchising

Knowledge@Wharton – U.S., Regional, and International Business Updates from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business

Kotter International – Change Management and Strategy Implementation

Lean Enterprise Institute – Lean Practices and Systems

Lloyd’s List – Global Shipping

Machine to Machine Magazine – The Internet of Things

Macroeconomic Advisors – Economics

McKinsey Quarterly – Private, Public and Non-Profit Management Issues

Medical Marketing and Media – Healthcare Marketing

Middle Market – Middle Market Mergers and Acquisitions

Moody’s Analytics – Economics

National Association of REITs – Real Estate Investment Trusts

National Association of Wholesalers-Distributors – Sales and Supply Chain

National Association of Women Business Owners – Women’s Issues

National Retail Federation – Retail Operations and Marketing

Peterson Institute for International Economics – International and Regional Economics

POPAI – Retail Marketing

Practicing Law Institute – Business Legal Studies

Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association – Capital Markets, Wealth Management, and Financial Services

Selling Power – Sales

SHRM – Human Resources

Traders Magazine – Buy and Sell Side Institutional Trading

Urban Land Institute – Land Use and Real Estate Development

Web Marketing Association – Digital Marketing


Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math

AICHE Chemicals and Materials – Chemical and Material Engineering

Additive Manufacturing Users Group – Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

American Academy of Actuaries  – Actuarial Science

American Association of Geographers – Geography and GIS

American Chemical Council – Chemical Industry and Research

American Council on Renewable Energy – Renewable Energy Technology, Finance, and Policy

American Fisheries Society – Fisheries Science and Resources

American Geosciences Institute – Geography

American Meteorological Society – Atmospheric and Related Oceanic and Hydrologic Sciences

American Society for Cell Biology-MBoC – Cell Biology, Genetics, and Developmental Biology

American Society for Quality – Quality Systems and Assurance

ASHRAE – Built Environments

Automotive News – Automotive Industry

Battelle – Consumer, Industrial, Energy, Environmental, Health, Pharmaceutical, and National Security Research

BGCI News – Plant Science and Conservation

BIO – Biotechnology and Engineering

Defense News – Defense Industry

Design News – Engineering Design, including Mechatronics

Energy Business Review – Exploration, Energy, and Clean Technology

Environmental Protection – Environmental Remediation Technologies and Services

Geology News – Geology

Geothermal Weekly – Geothermal Energy News

IEEE – Electrical Engineering

Information Week – Information Systems and Technology

InfoWorld – Information Technology and Computer Science

International Society for Professional Innovation Management – Innovation

Machine to Machine Magazine – The Internet of Things

Medical Devices Business Review – Diagnostics, Devices, and Technology – Mining Industry

MIT Technology Review – New Technologies

Nanowerk – Nanotechnology News

NASA – Earth, Solar System, and Universe News

National Driller – Drilling Industry

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency – Climate, Weather, Oceans, and Coasts

National Renewable Energy Laboratory – Renewable Energy Research

Ocean Conservancy – Ocean Research and Protection

Oil and Gas Journal – Exploration, Production, Processing, and Transportation

Pew Center for Climate and Energy Solutions – Energy and Climate Change

Pharmaceutical Business Review – Pharmaceutical Industry, Clinical Trials, Manufacturing, and Regulatory Policies

PhRMA – Pharmacetical Research and Manufacturing

Physics Today – Physics

R&D – Research and Development News

Science Daily – Science, Environmental Affairs, and Sustainability

Scientific American – All Science Topics

Society for Conservation Biology – Protection of Biological Diversity

Society of Manufacturing Engineers – Engineering and Lean from the Society for Manufacturing Engineering

Software Information and Industry Association – Software and Digital Content

STEM Daily – Innovation and STEM Education

TAPPI – Pulp and Paper Industry

TCT Magazine – Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

U.S. Animal Health Association – Livestock Disease Control

U.S. Department of Defense – U.S. Military

Water Environment Federation – Water Quality

Wired – Technology Trends and Products


Interactive Media, Communications, Publishing, and Graphic Design

AdWeek – Advertising

American Institute for Graphic Arts – Graphic Design and Visual Communication

American Society of Business Publication Editors – Business and Digital Content Editing

Broadcasting and Cable – TV

Columbia Journalism Review – Journalism

Computer Arts – Graphic Design and Digital Art

Editor and Publisher – Journalism

FIPP – Magazine Publishing

Gamasutra – Game Industry, Products, and Development

GamificationCo – Gamification News

Hollywood Reporter – Entertainment Industry

Incograda – Graphic Design and Visual Communication (click on “News” then “Newsletter” to subscribe)

Institute for Public Relations – Public Relations Science and Research

International Association of Business Communicators – Strategic Communications

Mashable – Social Media

Mobile Marketing Association – Mobile Marketing Value Chain

National Association of Broadcasters – TV, Radio, and Entertainment

National Communication Association – Communications

Nielsen Norman Group – User Experience Research

Online Journalism Review – Digital Journalism

Online News Association – Online Journalism

PR Week – Public Relations

Production Hub – Film, Television, Vido, Live Event, and Digital Media Production

Public Relations Student Society of America – Public Relations

Publisher’s Weekly – Publishing

Science Daily-Virtual Reality – Virtual Reality News

Site Pro News – Web Management

UX Matters – User Experience


Government, Legal, Public Policy, Planning, Diplomacy, Environmental Science, and Sustainable Development

AEI – Public Policy Research

Atlantic Council – International Security, Trans-Atlantic Cooperation, and Regional Issues

Brookings – Public Policy Research

BSR – Sustainable Development

Carnegie Endowment for Peace – Global Trends, Defense, Economics, Foreign Policy, Society, and Culture

Center for Effective Policy – Criminal and Juvenile Justice System Improvement

Center for Global Development – Global Policy and Poverty Reduction

Center for International and Strategic Studies – Global Trends, Defense and Security, Climate Change, Trade, Economics, and Health

Center for Responsive Politics – Government Relations and Public Affairs

Center for State and Local Government Excellence – Recruitment and Retention of Talented Public Servants

Chatham House – International Affairs

Congressional Budget Office – Budgetary and Economic Analysis of Legislation

Council of State Governments – State Legislative, Judicial and Executive Policy and Research

Council on Foreign Relations – International Affairs and Diplomacy

DAI – International Development

E. The Environmental Magazine – Environmental Issues

Economic Policy Institute – Economic Policy for Low and Middle Income Earners

Eldis – International Development

Find Law – Legal News

Global Reporting Initiative – Sustainability Reporting

Harvard Univeristy Kennedy School Government Innovators Network – Innovations in Governance

Heritage Foundation – Public Policy Research

Hudson Institute – Public Policy Research

International Association of Chiefs of Police – Policing

International City/County Management Association – City, Town, and County Management Practices and Policies – Legal Developments

Mathematica – Public Policy Research

NADO – Urban and Regional Planning and Development

National Criminal Justice Association – Criminal Justice

Nature Conservancy – Environmental Protection and Habitat Preservation

Population Reference Bureau – Population, Health  and Environmental Research and Policy

RAND Corporation – International Affairs, National Security, Domestic Policy, Science, and Technology

Rockefeller Institute of Government – State Tax and Fiscal Policies

Roll Call – Politics

Sierra Club – Environmental Protection, Climate Change, and Habitat Preservation

Stratfor – Global Intelligence Analysis

Think Tanks and Civil Society Program-University of Pennsylvania – U.S. and International Think Tanks

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers – Land Reclamation

U.S. Conference of Mayors – Urban and Suburban Policy

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Environmental Compliance, Remediation, and Sustainability

U.S. Government Accountability Office – Public Policy Research

UN Environmental Program – Environment and Sustainability

UN Foundation – Diplomacy and Global Politics

WBCSD – Sustainable Development

Worldwatch Institute – Environment and Sustainability


Education, Training, and Sports Leadership and Management

American Association of School Administrators – Public School and School System Leadership and Administration

American Society for Training and Development – Private and Public Sector Training

ASCD – Curriculum Design and Delivery

Association for Childhood Education International – Early Childhood Development

Association of Education Publishers – Publishers of Supplemental Instructional Materials

Council for Exceptional Children – Special Education

EdTech – K-12 Technology Trends and Best Practices

Education Week – Education

ESPN – Sports

Global Water Intelligence – International Water Markets

International Association for Continuing Education – Lifelong Learning Programs

International Reading Association – Reading Instruction

Learning First Alliance – Public School Improvement

Music Teachers National Association – Music Education

NAEYC – Early Childhood Education

National Art Education Association – Visual Arts Education

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards – K-12 Education

National Council for Social Studies – Social Studies

National Council of Teachers of English – English and Language Arts Education

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics – Math Education

National Education Association – Education

National Head Start Association – Early Childhood Development

National Science Teachers Association – Science Education

National Sports Marketing Network – Sports Marketing

NCAA – Collegiate Sports

Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers – Life Science Training Professionals

Sports Business Daily – Sports

Sports Video – Sports Video Production

The Chronicle of Higher Education – Education

U.S. Distance Learning Association – Distance Training and Education

World Nuclear Association – Nuclear Power


Health Sciences and Services

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics – Dietetics

Agency for Heathcare Research and Quality 411 Podcast Series – Healthcare Care Topics and Research

American Academy of Physician Assistants – Certified Physician Assistant Professionals

American Association of Diabetes Educators – Diabetes Education

American Health Insurance Plans – Wellness and Population Health

American Medical Informatics Association – Medical Informatics

American Optometric Association – Eye and Vision Care

American Pharmacists Association – Pharmacy Practice and Integrated Healthcare

American Physical Therapy Association – Physical Therapy

American Physical Therapy Association Student Assembly – Physical Therapy

American Podiatric Medical Association – Foot and Ankle Health

American Psychological Association PsycPort – Psychology

American Public Health Association – Health Promotion

American Society of Biomechanics – Biomechanics

American Society of Genetic Counselors – Genetic Counseling

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association – Audiologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, and Speech, Language, and Hearing Scientists

American Veterinary Medical Association – Veterinary Medicine

Annie E. Casey Foundation – Children’s Health Promotion

CDC/NIOSH-Total Worker Health Program – Workplace Health Promotion

Center for Food Safety – Food Safety

Disability Scoop – Developmental Disability News

Gerontological Society of America

Harvard University School of Public Health World Health News – Health News

Health Affairs –  Health, Healthcare and Policy

Health Related Publications by Advance – Nursing, Rehabilitation, NPs and PAs, Speech/Language Pathology, Audiology, and Lab Management

Hospitals and Health Network – Healthcare, Healthcare Delivery, and Hospital Management

Institute for Healthcare Improvement – Healthcare Innovation and Improvement

Kaiser Foundation – U.S. and Global Health Issues

Lab Manager – Laboratory Management

National Association of Community Health Centers – Community and Primary Health Care

National Association of the Deaf – Advocacy for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence – Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Treatment

National Institutes of Health – Medical Research

National Library of Medicine – Medicine, Health Sciences, Bioinformatics, and Healthcare Technology

Nursing World – Nursing

Organic Trade Association – Organic Food and Related Products

Partnership for Prevention  Health Promotion

School Nutrition Association – Nutrition

Science Daily-Health and Medicine – Medicine and Dentistry

Science Daily-Neuroscience – Neuroscience

Sexuality and Information Council of the United States – Sexuality Information

Society for Neuroscience – Brain and Nervous System Research

Sports Medicine – Exercise, Nutrition, Sports, and Health

The Food Institute – Food Research and Information

Translational Research Institute – Diabetes and Obesity

U.S. Centers for Disease Control – Health Protection and Equity

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health – Protecting and Improving the Health of Minority Populations

U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration – Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Behavioral Health


Not-for-Profit, Social Services, and Social Justice

AARP Public Policy Institute – Senior Citizens Advocacy

American Civil Liberties Union – Civil Rights and Liberties

American Public Human Services Association – Health and Human Service Policy and Practice

Amnesty International – Human Rights

Avaaz  – Transnational Online Social Justice Community

Brennan Center for Justice – Legal and Public Policy and Advocacy

Center for Effective Policy – Criminal and Juvenile Justice System Improvement

Children’s Defense Fund – Child Protection and Development

Clinical Social Work Association – Social Work-Related Legislation

CSR Wire – Corporate Social Responsibility

Ford Foundation – Social Justice, Democracy, and Poverty Reduction

Gates Foundation – Education, Poverty Reduction, and Public Health

Human Rights Campaign – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Equality

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility – Socially Responsible Investments

Interfaith Immigration Coalition – Immigration Reform

Legal Services Corporation – Equal Access to Justice for Low-Income Americans

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence – Domestic Violence Prevention

National Community Reinvestment Coalition – Community Development

National Consumers League – Consumer Rights

National Council on Family Relations – Family Studies

National Housing Conference – Affordable Housing

National Human Services Assembly – Human, Health, and Community Development

National Institute of Corrections – Criminology

National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty – Homelessness and Poverty Reduction

National Organization of Women – Women’s Equality

National Organization on Disability – Disability Employment

National Women’s Law Center – Women and Girls Advocacy

Natural Resources Defense Council – Environmental Action

Oxfam – Poverty Reduction

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Public Health

Society for the Study of Social Problems – Social Justice Research

Southern Rural Development Center – Rural Economic Development

The Chronicle of Philanthropy – Not-for-profits and Fundraising

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights – Civil Rights

The New Social Worker – Social Work

Transparency International – Anti-Corruption Programs

Union of Concerned Scientists – Global Warming, Clean Energy, Nuclear Weapons, Global Security and Agriculture

Urban Institute – Social and Economic Policy Research

WANGO – NGOs and Social Justice


Creative Arts

American Alliance of Museums – Museum and Arts Management

American Film Institute – Film

American Photo – Photography

American Society of Interior Design – Interior Design

Architectural Digest – Architecture and Design

Architectural Record – Architecture and Construction

Art Daily – Art News

Art Dealers Association of America – Fine Art Galleries

Art History Newsletter – Art History

Art in America – U.S. and Global Art News

Art News – Trends in International Art

Artforum – Art Events and Trends

Arts Journal – The Arts

Arts Professional – Arts and Culture Management in the U.K.

ASCAP – Music Composers, Authors, and Publishers

Billboard – Music Industry

BizBash – Event Management

Center for Health Design – Healthcare Architecture and Interior Design

Ceramic Arts Daily – Ceramic Art

Communication Arts – Visual Arts

Costume Designers Guild – Film and TV Costume Designers and Illustrators

Design Directory – Creative Designers and Studios

Digital Photography Review – Digital Photography

Environmental Design Research Association – Environmental Design

Event Design – Exhibit and Event Planning

Fashion Group International – Fashion Trends

Fashion Magazine – Fashion Industry

Gramophone – Classical Music

Hat Life – Millinery News

Infomat – Fashion Trends and Products

Institute of Museum and Library Services – Museum and Arts Management

Interior Design – Interior Design

International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers – Interior Design Profession

International Game Developer Association – Independent Game Development

International Print Center New York – Print Art

International Sculpture Center and Sculpture Magazine – Sculpture

Lighting and Sound – Lighting and Sound Design

Live Design – Theatre Design

Museum 2.0 – Art Management

National Assembly of States Arts Agencies – Art Management

National Association for the Teachers of Singing – Vocal Art

National Endowment for the Arts – Artistic Creativity and Innovation

National Gallery of Art – Art History

National Jeweler

Photo District News – Photography

Playbill – Broadway, Off-Broadway, Regional and International Theatre

Professional Artist – Independent Visual Artists and Calls to Artists Notifications

Recording Industry Association of America – Music Recording Industry

Retail Environment Trends – Retail Design

Society of Architectural Historians – Architectural History

Society of North American Goldsmiths – Craftmanship in the Metal Arts

Sound and Video – Sound and Video Production – Fashion

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Miami Graduates Land Where They Planned

A question that is always top of mind for students and their parents is whether they will be employed or accepted into graduate or professional school when they graduate from Miami. According to an new survey completed by the Miami’s Institutional Research and Career Service offices, more than 91% of Miami students who graduated August 2012-May 2013* were employed or in graduate school by fall, 2013.

Miami was able to obtain 100% of alumni educational placement data and 56% of alumni career placement data through various sources, including calling more than 2,000 Oxford bachelor’s degree-receiving graduates in order to achieve a collective picture of new alumni success.

Significant results acquired in fall 2013 include:

  • 75.2% of alumni were currently employed or had received a job offer while 3.4% were not employed. The remaining 21.4% of alumni indicated at graduation that they did not plan to seek immediate employment. By fall, 18.6% had enrolled in graduate or professional schools. **Some students are working and studying, so some numbers overlap.
  • 52.1% of alumni were working full time in their field of study (69.3% of those employed) while 15.4% were working full time outside their field of study, figures that reflect the stated goals of students in a survey preceding graduation: 56.5% planned to work full time in their field of study, 18.1% planned to work full time outside their field of study.
  • 19.3% of alumni had previously worked for their current employer, most commonly as an intern or co-op student.

The majority of employed alumni in the survey reported salaries between $30,000 – $59,999 in their first year:

  • 10.9% earn from $30,000 – $39,999 per year,
  • 19.6% earn from $40,000 – $49,999 per year, and
  • 32.2% earn from $50,000 – $59,999 per year.

Data from five sources were used: the National Student Clearinghouse, a career services phone survey, alumni LinkedIn profiles, Miami’s Banner data system and the graduation survey, which is done prior to commencement.

Other responses from seniors shortly before graduation showed:

  • 97.4% of students agreed or strongly agreed that their classes were intellectually challenging;
  • 95% of the students rated their entire educational experience at Miami as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’?
  • 79.2% agreed or strongly agreed that Miami prepared them to work with others from different cultures;
  • 43.3% worked on an independent study project; and
  • 61.1% held a leadership position or were involved in leadership workshops, programs or classes.

Other survey results are available at Graduation Survey.

* The majority of responses, 80%, come from May graduates.

** Separate surveys for example, show that 97% of Miami seniors were accepted into law school, compared to 80 percent nationally, while 64.5% of Miami graduates were accepted into medical school, compared to 45.9% nationally.