Reordering the Navigation Menu

How to Reorder Pages on the Menu Bar

  1. Log into WordPress.  If you are unsure of how to do this, view Logging in to WordPress.
  2. Access Menus.  Go into Appearance and then click on the Menu tab.
  3. Pages widgetCreate a Menu.  Under the Menu Name heading enter what you want your main menu to be called.  Click “create menu.”  In the Pages box on the left hand side click on any pages that you want to be included in your menu.  Click “Add to menu.”  To rearrange the order that the pages appear in drag the pages up and down.  Click “Save menu.”
  4. Publish a Menu.  In the Theme Locations box in the top left corner choose your new menu as your primary menu from the drop-down.  Click “Save.”

Theme locations imageYour menu will be updated and you can go to the visit site tab to see how your site looks to visitors.  Note: Different themes support different numbers of menus, some only allow for one menu.