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Banner 9 is a big program consisting of a number of smaller projects. Zoom in to see schedules for each one.

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Q: Why did Miami choose to make this big change to Banner now?

A: Banner 8, the version Miami currently uses, will be at its end of life in December 2018. Since this will be a very large project, the University needed to start early to have the move complete by that date.


ERP: An ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a system of integrated applications that record data and transactions across most, if not all of Miami.

Mod: A modification to the out-of-the-box Banner software. Often used to adapt Banner functions to existing Miami business processes.

Modules: A part of the Banner ERP suite. Modules include Banner Finance, Banner Student, and Banner Workflow.

POC: Proof of Concept – work done to evaluate the suitability of a tool within the Miami technology ecosystem and to ensure it delivers the expected results.

SME: Subject Matter Expert – someone who is not a member of a project team, but brought in to share their knowledge and expertise in support of the team.