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Banner 9 Finance Update

Attention! Attention! Banner 9 Finance is waiting for you.

September 30, 2018, will be the final date for you to use Banner 8 Finance.  Beginning on October 1, you will be required to use the upgraded version of Banner Finance as all access to Banner 8 Finance will be closed down.

Have you taken training yet? If not, there are new classes being scheduled weekly through September. The sessions are an hour long and cover basic navigation in the new Banner 9 Finance system. Sessions are scheduled for Oxford, Hamilton, Middletown, and VOA so you don’t have to travel off-campus to attend training.

Banner 9 Finance training sessions

This workshop is now available to be scheduled in the TRAIN system with multiple sessions planned between now and September for all campus locations. You are encouraged to sign up for training well in advance of the October 1 conversion date so that you have time to learn the new look and feel of Banner 9 Finance and get accustomed to the navigation changes.

Workshop: Banner 9 Finance Basic Navigation
Workshop Code: BAN9FINNAV

Finance Navigation training is also available through Canvas.

We hope to see you there!

Banner 9 Project Reaches Key Milestone

As of June 14, all of the Banner 9 Admin modules were being used in production. The last to go live was Student. So, even though the project has slowed down a bit, progress is continuing to be made both within IT Services and the various administrative offices.

Cake with white frosting and the words Miami Charts a Course for Banner 9

HR Banner 9 Celebration Cake

On June 1, Human Resources joined Finance (internal use) as the first two modules to move to exclusively using Banner 9. Banner 8 Finance for external users will be going away on Sept. 30. The cutoff dates for the rest of the Banner 8 modules are as follows:

  • Advancement: August 1
  • Financial Aid: September 15
  • Accounts Receivable: September 15
  • Student: December 31

As can be expected from the fact that Banner 8 is beginning to be eliminated, the Banner 9 adoption rate is growing rapidly. As of July 25, Finance (internal) and Human Resources were at 100%. The rest of the adoption rates can be seen below:

  • Financial Aid: 95%
  • Advancement: 93%
  • Accounts Receivable: 86%
  • Finance (external): 78%
  • Student: 47%

    Banner 9 Finance team including Priya Kodeboina, Mike Beck, Soundar Rajendran, David Shaefer and Quang Do

    Some of the Banner 9 Finance implementation team


The next major focus for the project team is the Self-Service modules. One area, Finance, is complete, but the others have a lot of work yet to go. For example, IT Services is currently working with Advancement on configuring and installing the General Event Management module.


Progress on the other Self-Service modules is mostly in a holding pattern.

  • Advancement: No Self-Service module available
  • Finance: To be installed in production sometime in October
  • Human Resources: Currently on hold
  • Student Registration: If accepted after testing, would go into production February, 2019
  • Accounts Receivable: Not available until 2019
  • Financial Aid: Not available until 2019
  • Attendance Tracking: Will be tested, but no plan to implement
  • Faculty Grade Entry: If accepted after testing, would go into production February, 2019
  • Student: If accepted after testing, would go into production February, 2019
  • Banner Student Advising: If accepted after testing, would go into production February, 2019

Please check for project updates when they become available.

Banner upgrade scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend

Banner and BannerWeb will be unavailable from 8:00 am Friday, November 24 through 8:00 am on Sunday, November 26. During this time IT Services will be upgrading the Banner PROD database and making API changes. This upgrade is necessary to maintain the Banner 9 modules and provide the latest APIs for data integration between Miami, Ellucian (Banner), and third-party vendor applications.

This outage will not impact the availability of the Canvas learning management system or myMiami; however, Banner data normally displayed in myMiami will not be available, and faculty will not be able to submit grades through Canvas during the outage. Also, because of this upgrade, EM jobs (Control M-Scheduler) will not run November 23-25 but will resume on Sunday, November 26.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this Banner upgrade, please contact the IT Services Support Desk at 513 529-7900 or

Change to Oracle PROD database password expiration policy

On Friday, November 17 at 10:00 am, a change will be made to the CLIENTS profile in Banner that will affect how it handles password expiration. The main part of the change is that going forward, passwords will now expire in 90 days with no grace period, and no locking of the account. Previously, passwords would expire in 75 days, with a 15 day grace period before the account would be locked.

This change is necessary because Banner 9 does not currently handle the grace period or the account lock. With this change Banner 9 CAS logins will continue to work even if the person’s database password is expired.  When using Banner 8 or other tools (e.g. SQL Developer) the user will get a change password notice on their next login attempt after the password expiration time has been reached.

This change has been tested in the test and development environments.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact Kent Covert.