Tour Guides and Fellow Trekkers

Steering Committee (IT’s Change and Continuous Improvement Committee: CCIC)

  • Lindsay Carpenter, Office of the Provost
  • Brent Shock, Enrollment Management & Student Success
  • Tim Jones, University Advancement
  • Tim Kresse, Student Affairs
  • Todd Pashak, Office of the President
  • Brad Grimm, Finance & Business Services
  • Steve Thole, IT Services

Project Implementation Team

  • Suzanne Brack, Office of Enrollment Management
  • Janet Elliott, Academic Personnel
  • Ruth Groom, Academic Personnel
  • Karen Fares, Human Resources
  • Tim Jones, University Advancement
  • Tim Kresse, Student Affairs
  • Patricia Makaroff, General Accounting
  • Jeff Pidcock, Budget Office
  • Amy Shaiman, Human Resources
  • Nkosi Shanga, Office of the Provost
  • Brent Shock, Enrollment Management & Student Success
  • Kristin Taylor, Regional Enrollment Management

Stakeholder Advisory Committee

  • Dawn Fahner, Human Resources
  • Sarah Persinger, Finance & Business Services
  • David Sauter, Registrar
  • Brent Shock, Student Financial Aid

Project Core Team

  • Daniel Black, data architect
  • Kent Covert, director of application development, project leader
  • Robert Dein, enterprise architect
  • Chris Kenney, application architect
  • Linda Lack, enterprise portfolio manager
  • Dana Miller, business analyst
  • Frank Pahlke, ERP program manager
  • Jeff Toaddy, senior business process analyst