Don Tate: Author, Illustrator, and Activist


Don Tate, one of our featured artists in January, will be at MUAM Wednesday March 7 at 5:30pm. While here, Tate is going to talk about his life and how he became the renowned author and illustrator he is today. Through his personal website and blog, it is evident he was not an overnight success and continues to teach students and people all over the country that success may not happen as quickly as you want it to. However, if you stick with your passions, it will come eventually.

Founded in 2007, Tate founded a blog called The Brown Bookshelf, a blog dedicated to books for African-American young readers. Each February in conjunction with Black History Month, The Brown Bookshelf hosts a month long initiative called 28 Days Later to showcase the best picture books, middle grade, and young adult novels by African-American authors and illustrators. In the past, 28 Days Later has featured artists like Ekua Holmes, Tom Feelings, and Jan Spivey Gilchrist and authors such as Maya Angelou and Eloise Greenfield, who’s works are found in the exhibition!

In addition to The Brown Bookshelf, Tate is an active member of the #WeNeedDiverseBooks organization which was created to address the lack of minority narratives in children’s literature. Since only about 14% of children’s picture books depict minority races and ethnicities, this initiative is imperative to creating a world where all children see themselves in the books they read.
Check out this video to learn more about Don Tate and his books!
Written by Caroline Bastian