Fall 2017 Exhibition: Department of Art Faculty and Alumni Exhibition

Nicole Trimble’s Super Cool Party People (2016) and Nicholas Scrimenti’s Bruno’s Boy (2014).

On August 29, the Miami University Art Museum (MUAM), opened their new fall exhibition: Department of Art Faculty and Alumni Exhibition, showcasing works created by Miami’s very own affiliates.

Department of Art Faculty and Alumni Exhibition, Gallery 2

In the past, the museum has displayed works from Miami faculty and alumni in the spring’s of both 2009 and 2013. In 2009, the museum curated an exhibition conveying a mixture of both past and present works including contemporary prints, paintings, design, sculpture, and jewelry. In 2013, the museum focussed on the collaboration, development, and engagement in the teacher/scholar model which Miami is known for. Both exhibitions were an incredible representation of the talent, creativity, and culture within the Department of Art here at Miami University.

Though this exhibition is still recognizing Miami’s current and retired educators and alumni, the display of works are intermingled, creating a cohesive flow between works, allowing viewers to see each artist as an equal. This also allows the viewers (and artists) to see how works have been influenced by artist’s mentors and how their mentor’s techniques have been influential in their own works.

Department of Art Faculty and Alumni Exhibition, Gallery 1.

MUAM was able to include 89 works of art created by 20 current faculty, 5 emeritus faculty, and 48 Miami alumni. Works on display include sculpture, painting, ceramics, photography, video, printmaking, collage, mixed media, and scholarly publications. A key aspect to this exhibition that was not done in the past is the inclusion of published journals written by Art Historians within the Department of Art. By expanding the art on display, the museum was able to create an interdisciplinary show now including six written pieces which cover topics from West African masquerade to the confidence and advocacy of arts and education.

Check out a sneak peek of the exhibition! https://youtu.be/YVqLjKsHvlc

Written by Caroline Bastian