Spring Fever at Miami

By: Emily Dangler

Fact: there is nothing better than being at Miami University during spring.

Don’t believe me?

Try to imagine this:
o As the weather warms up, students shed their puffy winter-jacket skins and change into their wardrobes of Miami gear.
o Dorm residents throw their windows open, and music can be heard from every hall on campus.
o The trees begin to bud, and the flowerbeds begin to bloom, and the fountain behind Shriver is a great place to catch some sun after class.
o Professors take their classes outside to one of the many amphitheaters found around campus, and students study underneath the shade of the big, old trees that have seen several generations of Miamians.
o In the neighborhoods surrounding campus, students scrounge together assortments of lawn chairs (and sometimes even living room furniture!) to create Miami’s very own “beachfront” property right in their front yards.
o Uptown, the restaurants set up seating outside, and friends meet for iced tea from Kofenya, frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf, or a fresh salad or pizza from Quarter Barrel.
o For students who are looking to get away from campus life for a little while, they can enjoy the warm weather by going on a nearby hike along the cliffs of Peffer Park, or walk down by the lake in Hueston Woods; there are also trails that run all along the outer edge of campus, for runners or dog walkers.

You haven’t experienced a real spring until you’ve been here. Miami is already such a small, close-knit community that adding some sunshine just makes everyone even happier to be at college together!

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Scheduling Classes

By: Alexis Godshall

Scheduling is never anyone’s favorite time of year, but Miami makes it a little less chaotic for you.  Each grade level has a certain number of time slots that are designated for them to register for their classes.  The registration time slots are usually open for 3 days until everyone gets the opportunity to schedule and then they open up for everyone again.  Registration begins with the first session in the morning at 7am.  Students can login to their BannerWeb, a website provided to you by Miami, and type in their courses that they want to register for.  The website is very helpful because it will not let you overlap classes start and end times as well as it will not let you go over 17 credit hours.  The best part is that students are able to view which professors are teaching the classes, the class times and days, as well as the buildings that the classes are held.  This information is helpful to students, so that they can plan their schedules, so that they have enough time to walk to their next class.  Miami is good about letting students fill out force add forms to add into a class that may be full if they class permits for it.  They don’t shut students out of the class unless it is absolutely necessary.

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Keep Calm and Work Out

By: Melissa Goldberg

With all the great food on and off campus, it may be a daunting task to keep you from gaining the “Freshman 15.” But don’t you fret–Miami has an awesome Rec Center! From hundreds of machines and weights to Zumba classes to the rock climbing wall, by spending some time at the Rec Center, you will be sure to keep the weight off. The Rec is open 7 days a week and offers more than 110 classes each week for students to take with their friends. This is a great way to work out and be healthy while hanging out with friends at the same time. Did I mention that the Rec also has two nearly Olympic-sized swimming pools and a hot tub? Talk about doing something fun and free with a big group of people!

Not only is working out a great way to stay in shape and a way to be social with friends, but it is also a great stress reliever. I know for me it is my 2 hours every day where I can de-stress and reflect on the day’s events. Not only do I burn a few calories, but also I get to clear my mind and if I’m not with friends, I always bump into people I know. Afterwards, my mind is clear and I’m ready to tackle everything I have to do. So remember next year when you find yourself with a lot of extra time at the beginning of the year, check out the Rec to get a lay of the land and say “Hi” because I’ll probably be there. :)

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Don’t know what to major in? That’s okay!

By: Melissa Goldberg

Recently, while I was giving a tour of campus, I was discussing academics with a father of a prospective student when he said, “I bet it’s really unusual for students to switch majors then.” I explained to him how the exact opposite statement is more accurate where it would be unusual for students to not switch or at least consider switching majors. In fact, about 60% of college students across the country switch their major at least once while in college. And I am definitely part of that statistic, as long with the majority of people I know.

So for those of you that are absolutely terrified about trying to choose your major, I’m here to tell you not to worry because most likely, what your major is your freshman year won’t be what it is by the time you graduate. At Miami, you can take courses in a variety of subjects and find your interest that way. Of course, if you have a specific major in mind that you would like to pursue, by all means come in with that major but don’t feel like you are tied down to it for all of college if you find out you really dislike it after your first semester. If you meet with your academic adviser early on and discuss your concerns and interests, as well as stay on top of your credits, you can switch majors and still graduate on time.

I came in microbiology on a pre-med track. My whole like I wanted to be a pediatrician and I had no doubts about choosing my major when college time came around. However, after my first semester, I realized just how much I didn’t want to be a doctor anymore. I wasn’t passionate about the subject and my ideas of what I wanted completely changed but I thought I was stuck. Of course I eventually realized that it was completely fine to switch majors and that’s exactly what I did. I am currently a mass communications major with a marketing minor and my passion for learning has come back again. Not only have I made a drastic change in majors, I am studying abroad next semester and I am still on track to graduating on time.

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The dining hall food is actually good

By: Courtney Moles

When I left home, I knew I was going to miss was a good home-cooked meal. At Miami, the dining hall food is really good, especially for a cafeteria. Each dining hall is on a three-week cycle, rotating the main thing on the menu, but will have a few constants too. Everyday there is pasta, pizza, subs, stir fry and grill, but some dining halls are more limited than others. My favorite is Erickson, which is located on East Quad in Dennison Hall by the Farmer School of Business.

Dining hall food at Miami University, when compared to the food at other institutions, is ranked high. Friends at other schools will complain to me about the food they have, and the lack of options, especially for vegetarians. Here you won’t have to worry about that, and you can check online to see what is being served for each meal at the various halls.

La Mia Cucina is a restaurant on campus that accepts meal plan as payment. Given the name, this restaurant has various pasta and Italian dishes from your standard spaghetti and pizza to stuffed shells. They also serve all kinds of coffee, like lattes, macchiatos, or cappuccinos and various smoothies. Bottom line, if you want wholesome Italian food, you can’t go wrong at La Mia.

In the same building as La Mia is Panache, a more pricey, but really good restaurant that has a variety of food. My favorite is the lobster mac n’ cheese, but if you’re not a fan of shellfish, don’t worry they have many options. They also have amazing desserts. Panache is only open Wednesday through Saturday 5-8 pm.

Another option on campus to get food is Dividend$, located in Farmer School of Business. The only problem is that Monday through Thursday, they close at 4 and are usually really busy in between classes. They have sushi and salads that they make according to what you want, not just one the of the standard salads. My personal favorites are a panini for lunch, or coffee in the morning.

Shriver is open more hours during the day than any other location on campus. It’s not the best food, but when you’re hungry, and it’s not during the hours that dining halls are open, it’s your best bet. They too have pizza, pasta, deli and grill all in Haines Food Court. Upstairs from the food court is 1809, which is only open certain days during the week.  They have brunch on Sunday mornings that opens at 10:30, but you have to get there early if you don’t want to wait in a long line.

Miami food may not compare to a home-cooked meal, but it is good in its own way and there are numerous options around campus.

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Your campus tour

By: Hailey Gilman

Admittedly, I was a bit of an overachiever when it came to looking for my perfect college. When everything was said and done, my family had taken part in 15 college tours and their respective information sessions!  P0713 Tour Guides HS

Now, a Miami University Tour Guide, I feel as though I know the ins and outs of college tours:  what to notice, what to ignore, and what to take away from each school you visit. College tours may seem trivial, but in my experience, a tour can hold the biggest impact on your opinion of a university.

Firstly, examine your tour guide. This sounds obvious, but your guide has more than likely been selected for their position by their school to represent a typical student. Of course, I don’t mean that every student attending said university is identical to your guide, but if your guide speaks of nothing but the hours they spend in the library, or a lack of campus unity, odds are, other students feel the same. Is your guide enthusiastic? Do they seem proud, pumped, and full of pride for their university?  The best tours I’ve experienced always included a happier than average guide, for they know more than any other what makes a school a home.

Also, pay attention to the passing students. As college kids walk by, look closely. Do they seem happy? Can you see yourself fitting in amongst them? No matter a school’s fancy credentials, I guarantee your college experience will be made by the peers that surround you, and if you feel comfortable and at ease during your tour, you’ll most likely feel perfectly at home at said university.

Take note of what your tour guide mentions and what they leave out. Have you seen a university dorm room? Did you get to walk through a dining hall? Did you guide discuss campus safety or weekend fun? Perhaps your tour guide, is only discussing studying and the libraries, because there isn’t much to do on campus. In my opinion, the best guides give the most thorough tours they can with the time allotted. They should also try to stay away from stating facts and figures, as most statistics can be learned from pamphlets or information sessions, and their tours focus on campus life, their own experiences, and what makes their university different or unique from other learning institutions.

Of course, the biggest bit of advice I can offer as a guide is to ask questions! Guides love them! They make our tours more interesting and allow us to give our own opinions about the school we love so much! Trust me, I’ve seen tons of embarrassed high schoolers in tour groups, lurking in the back, ducking out of sight when their parents raise their hands. And I was one of those kids. But now I fully appreciate questions. As tour guides, we may be the only student that you come in contact with on your campus visit, and we’ve elected to represent our university. We’re here for you. It may seem insignificant initially, but parking, weekends, safety, dorm life, and school spirit can be very important during your time in college. Remember, you’re going to be spending four years of your life in this place, make sure you love your college choice!

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5 Ways to avoid the mythical “Freshman 15″

By: Justine Daley

Here are some easy ways to stay healthy as you transition from the high school to the college environment:

  1. Look at nutrition information for the dining halls: All of Miami’s dining halls provide all the nutrition information and ingredients for their food. While those cheese sticks might seem to be a must-eat item at every meal, try looking online and seeing what healthier options are offered and only treat yourself occasionally.
  2. When weather permits, don’t take the bus: While we are so fortunate to have a bus system that allows us to avoid countless walking trips, walking to and from class is the easiest form of exercise, especially when a trip to the Rec center is out of the question.
  3. Get a buddy: The easiest way to stay healthy is to find a buddy with the same health goals. If you have someone to motivate you to go to the Rec center or to forgo that Tuffy’s toasted roll, staying healthy will be that much easier! It is so much easier to wake up for 7 am spinning knowing that my work out buddy is doing the same.
  4. Join a sport: Did you play sports in high school? Want to try a new one? Form an intramural team, whether it be basketball or broomball. Playing intramurals is not only fun, but it will provide scheduled exercise no matter what. Playing a fun game of broomball is certainly a lot more exciting than jumping on the elliptical for a half hour.
  5. Take a class: Miami offers not only group fitness classes at the Rec center, but also a myriad of exercise classes that you can take for credit. From individual exercise to basic ice-skating, Miami offers the perfect excuse to exercise.
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Got Miami?

By: Melissa Goldberg

I recently became a student tour guide for Miami University and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Before I can start giving my own tours, I have to go through a series of steps, which include sitting in on an information session, shadowing current guides giving tours, and then give a joint tour. Being as anxious as I am to give my own tours, I started training as soon as possible. While I sat in on an information session, I was bombarded with several thoughts. While I already knew most of the information discussed at the session, I wanted to jump and talk to the families to just reiterate how true and amazing everything the presenter was saying about Miami. On the other hand, seeing all the potential students and parents at the information session, it took me back to my college visit days back in high school where I was seeing the school with fresh eyes and I was convinced that this was.

It’s extremely easy to get caught up in all the facts and numbers but when it comes down to it, a parent wants their child to go to a school that can give them the tools, opportunities and experiences to be the best he or she can me. Miami University is without a doubt that place. You will have a hard time finding someone who likes talking about his or her college more than I do. It’s just so easy to talk about something when you know it’s the best. I know Miami and I know what it has to offer; it’s unique. It’s a place where you find yourself having fun but maturing at the same time. It’s a place where you experience opportunities that you never would have imagined possible. It’s a place where professors truly know you as a person, rather than a number. It’s a place that even after you have been here for 2 years you can’t help but smile because it continues to surprise you. But most importantly, it’s a place where you are proud to call your home.

Thank you Miami, for everything.

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Study Abroad

By: Amy Hirth

As a student at Miami, it’s not uncommon to be conversing with one of your fellow classmates about your favorite restaurant in Florence or the best place to stay in Barcelona. Although this seems like a bit of a stretch, it’s true!

At Miami, 41.8 percent of undergraduate students complete a study abroad program by the time they graduate. This staggering statistic has landed Miami’s study abroad program as number one among public doctoral universities by the Open Doors 2012 report by the Institute of International Education.

Students choose to study abroad in a wide variety of places. Many choose to study at Miami’s chateau in Luxembourg, while others opt to study in Asia or elsewhere in Europe. I completed a summer study abroad program and it was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I traveled England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and topped it off by sailing the Greek Isles for a week. Throughout the course of my trip, I completed courses in international law and international accounting.

Not only is studying abroad an exciting experience, but it also sets Miami students apart from the rest of the pack. International experience not only makes us better students and people, but it also makes us more desirable job candidates. In increasingly global markets, students who have international experience are more valuable to companies.

Although many students and parents fear that they will not be able to afford a semester or summer abroad, Miami makes it easier. For example, in most cases students are able to apply their scholarships and federal financial aid to their study abroad experience. Learn more about studying abroad at Miami!

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Need a job?

By: Justine Daley

You have your diplomat meal plan. You have your MuLaa. But what if your friends want to take a break from Erickson dining hall and head uptown? What if you want to order Chinese food from Wild Bistro to your dorm room on a movie night? What if you want to spend a night on the town with your friends? Unfortunately, you cannot charge a meal at 45 East (or any other Uptown restaurant) to your diplomat!

This is where a campus job comes in handy. Students can work in basically any building on campus, like dining halls, academic offices, the recreation facilities, and a myriad of other places on campus. You can pour coffee at King Café, make stir-fry at Bell Tower Place, or mail packages at Wells Package Center. I even work at the Goggin Ice Center! All you have to do is put yourself out there and seek out the multitude of opportunities out there basically just for you, the Miami University college student.

How do you find your campus job?

Step 1: Go to www.miamistudentjobs.com.
Step 2: Search postings, and find a few jobs you are interested in!
Step 3: Create your application and submit!

If you want to be proactive about this process, I suggest looking at the job postings around late July or early August to get a jump start. Good luck and happy job hunting!


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