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Introduction of G-gragon

When talking about K-pop, you must think of Bigbang. It’s not that universe Big Bang, and it is not the “Big Bang Theory.” It is one of the most famous K-pop bands in Korea. Or, I would like to say, … Continue reading

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Academy Award for Best Animated Film goes to…

Now anime and the Academy awards have not been the best of friends in the past few years. A notable entry was when Big Hero 6 won best animated picture the same year as the Tale of Princess Kaguya in 2014. … Continue reading

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Beau Sia, “Asian Invasion”

This is a Def Poetry piece from the mid-2000’s performed by Beau Sia. Beau performs Asian Invasion in a bright pink, fuzzy turtleneck sweater. He doesn’t address this directly, but the audience can assume the clash between his cutesy clothing … Continue reading

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Not Everyone Wants to be Jeremy Lin

Article: Blog Post: Not everyone likes to be mistaken for a star athlete, especially when it is meant in a racist manner. I stumbled across this article when researching for my final presentation and was very intrigued by this … Continue reading

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Taiko – Japanese Drumming

Taiko is a traditional Japanese drum that is used in formal ceremonies and used to be used as a battlefield instrument; but the modern use of it, especially in America, started around the late 1960’s. Seiichi Tanaka was instrumental in … Continue reading

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Jackie Chan Gets an Oscar

Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong martial artist, director, and actor known primarily in the United States for his stunts in movies such as the Rush Hour Series, The Karate Kid, and Shanghai Noon. He received this honorary award for … Continue reading

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The real secret to Asian American success was not education It is a well known story that Asian Americans have an image of being studious and intelligent. Asian Americans are seen as the model minority because they have a higher income average than other minority groups and their conservative … Continue reading

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Trademarks, Offensive Names, and Asian-Americans

Fact: The Slants, an Asian-American “dance-rock” band, are currently engaged in a legal battle to trademark their band’s name, a legal battle 3 years in the making. In 2011, cited by the authorities in charge of trademarks as being offensive, their request … Continue reading

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New Challenge to Asian American Summary This new is about an Asian woman who suffers from the racialism. When she was walking her dachshund, she was abused by some white men who support Trump by saying “go back to where I came from and … Continue reading

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Asian-Americans and the Ivies: an Uphill Battle

Nearly every high school student dreams of attending a top college, or more specifically an Ivy League school. To do so requires near perfect grades, a stellar ACT score, a rigorous schedule filled with advanced placement courses, and extracurriculars on … Continue reading

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