New Challenge to Asian American


This new is about an Asian woman who suffers from the racialism. When she was walking her dachshund, she was abused by some white men who support Trump by saying “go back to where I came from and to take my CHINK dogs with me” and also got eggs thrown on her hair. It is ridiculous that his girl was born and grew up in American and her dog is a breed from Germany.


There are many articles about the violence on Asian American after Trump won the president vote. Since he said something about supporting the white in the underclass, the racialists and exclusivists in white use his words as their protective talisman when they discriminate people with other skin colors.  Asian people were called “Chink” and asked to go back where they from. Some of these Asian people are the citizen of the United States. They born here, grew up here, and may even do not know about China. The behavior of those racialists and exclusivist reminds me the word “perpetual foreigners”, which happened in many decades ago. If the government still do not take any action, I do think it is a regress instead of progress. If a country is not welcome or friendly to the people from different race, it is actually not only challenge for Asian American and international workers, but also for the whole country, especially under the environment of the globalization. 


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