Beau Sia, “Asian Invasion”

This is a Def Poetry piece from the mid-2000’s performed by Beau Sia.

Beau performs Asian Invasion in a bright pink, fuzzy turtleneck sweater. He doesn’t address this directly, but the audience can assume the clash between his cutesy clothing and the intense, sustained anger of his piece is intentional; the piece centers entirely on repudiation of and backlash against Asian-American stereotypes.

In particular, Beau focuses on the view of Asians as non-threatening- economically, sexually, and in education. His assertion that Asians “get play all over the ethnic spectrum” challenges the tendency towards a racial and gendered understanding of Asian sexuality. Mentioning per-capita income and “getting into your schools for free,” Beau draws attention to the socioeconomic capital Asian-Americans possess. At the same time, his performance calls on Asian-Americans to “Riiiiiise up!”, or take advantage of that capital to fight for justice and respect.

Though Sia admits his message is “just very very angry,” this in itself challenges narratives painting Asian Americans as quiet, studious, and loath to speak up or out about injustice. The entire piece attacks the general perception of Asians as a “model minority,” and in my opinion delivers nicely.

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