Academy Award for Best Animated Film goes to…


Now anime and the Academy awards have not been the best of friends in the past few years. A notable entry was when Big Hero 6 won best animated picture the same year as the Tale of Princess Kaguya in 2014. Even though both films were amazing Kaguya just had something so amazing about the art sytle and change of pace from the other films on the list up for the award that many people were upset with the outcome. This has not dampened the enthusiasm and optimism of the anime community in this years academy awards. Just the other night Your Name played in a theater in LA giving it eligibility for this years academy awards. People are especially hyped for this come from no where victory as it snagged the LA films critics award for best animated film this year and has topped the box offices in both China and Japan.

So at this point you have either googled or are wondering what Your Name is about. I have not seen the film yet due to wanting to see it in the best resolution possible but have seen the reviews by other fans. The film centers around a girl who dreams of living life as a city boy. One day she wakes up in her dream. She is a boy in the city and a boy is in her body. The story centers around them finding each other. They say that this film is a “masterpiece” and that it’s story ” conceptually very simple, but a lot of depth is added as the story goes on.” If these say anything and the screen shots I have seen have anything to say about this film it is a beautiful piece of art and should be held to the highest quality.

Still not impressed, this anime has the highest score for any anime ever on MAL( the go to place and forum for all anime fans. They are very strict on this site and rate many good shows very low. However, this film knocked Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood out of the number one spot which it has held since 2010 by 0.12 in a 10 point scale. That is an impressive feat as before this 90% if anime fans would agree that FMA Brotherhood is the pinnacle of anime perfection. Before this the only other anime film to win an Academy Award was Spirited Away and it is currently ranked number sixteen on MAL. So let’s hope with this year that an anime film gets the respect it deserves.

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