Asian Americans Are Not Weak

I found a series of event happened this year about the stereotypes of Asian Americans (Chinese Americans) and how Asian Americans react (fight back) to the stereotypes.

Meet the Flockers is a song created by American rapper, named YG in 2014. And somehow it spread widely on Youtube this year in Sept. This song is super racist toward Asian Americans especially Chinese Americans. At the beginning of the song, “First, you find a house and scope it out. Find a Chinese neighborhood cause they don’t believe in bank accounts.” And he also described the details about how to rob step by step. For example, you should take the jewelry box so that you can have cash back in the same day. A lot of people think Asians are weak and lack of masculine just like the article The Chinese Are Coming. How Can We Stop Them? written by Erika Lee that we discussed in class. But in reality, Asian Americans will fight back.

A Chinese rapper, Ph Dragon created this song named Meet the Sucker, and post on Youtube in Sept. Although I don’t like he fight back in the same way, the racist way, it give out a message that Asian Americans are not weak and will do something. Besides, a lot of Asian Americans sign on White House petition website to ban this song (, which I think it works because the original version of Meet the Flockers are unavailable now. Moreover, some Asian Americans went out on the street holding signs that read “STOP Cultural Violence” and “Respect everybody, Respect yourself” in Washington, D.C.

It might be coincidence that in the same month, three robbers were shoot by a Asian woman and cause on dead in Georgia. The home security captured the entire event, which you can jump to 2 minute to see how this brave woman shoot these robbers.

Hope someday, people can understand Asian Americans are diversity and don’t homogenize the whole group of Asian Americans and think all Asians are weak.

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