How Asian Americans Become Politically Involved?

In the US, there is 5.6 person of Asian Americans. However, just one Asian Americans working in the US Congress and two Asian Americans working in the US Senate. Most of Asian Americans just work hard in high technology fields and don’t have confidences to work in political areas. The reasons why are excluded from the US Congress or Senate is the stereotypes and glass ceilings. Firstly, Americans think Asian American cannot be competent to become senators or councilors. Secondly, Asian Americans don’t think they can be involved in American politics because they are Asian Americans.They are stereotyped by themselves.  Culture differences, language  barriers and lack of self-confidence  block their careers out of American politics.

This video gives some points about how Asian American get involved in American politics. Self-promotion is very important. Only if Asian Americans are competent, they will gain more opportunities to take part in The US Senate or Congress. The data still show the big gap between Asian Americans and Americans. Asian Americans take up 5.6% of populations in America, it means at least 5% of Asian Americans should involve in American politics. Most of them develop skills and have more significant effects for American politics. He says “Asian Americans are rising in American politics” in this video.”



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