History of Asian in American

In the history, the first Asians to settle the United States were Chinese Filipinos, who had originally migrated to Mexico then moved to what is now Louisiana. In pursuit of the American dream, beginning in the 1840’s, more than 200,000 Chinese workers immigrated to the western U.S., as well as Japanese, Koreans, and Filipinos to Hawaii.  These early immigrant laborers underwent much persecution and were not granted citizenship, even if their children were born in the United States.  This exclusion caused them to form their own communities where they could be self-sufficient.  Conditions for Asians in the United States did not improve dramatically until after the World War II, after thousands of Japanese Americans were released from the isolated camps in which they had been forced to live.  During the 1970s and 1980s, immigration increased from Southeast Asia following the Vietnam conflict.


Asian Americans commonly face challenges in establishing cultural identity, especially  second-generation immigrants who struggle to balance traditional cultural ideas with the pressure of assimilating into American cultural society.  It is different for them to have success. Like the woman said in below video,

The truth about Asian Americans’ success (it’s not what you think)

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