Asian parents VS American parents

Parents in different countries have diverse education ways. Especially, disciplinary ideas in Asian families differ very much from mainstream American views.

According to Asian parents’ view, there’s an old Chinese saying that “to be beaten is a sign of affection, to be scolded is a sign of love.” The child is constantly under close scrutiny and pressure to obey the commands of his/her parents. From their view, score is one of the most significant factors to climb the ladder of success. Even though Asian educational way is strict, Asian parents want their children to rely on themselves to work hard and release potential abilities.

However, American parents have totally different educational method. American parents take precedence in the happiness of their child. They focus on their child’s physical and psychological health, and are extremely sensitive to their child’s self-esteem. Discipline in American families can be likened to summer camp; where the children can have fun under the sun anytime they want. In addition, they behave like a friend to their children instead of an authoritative figure. They will respect their children’ opinions and support their choice.

As far as I am concerned, these two kinds of parenting models have their own advantages and shortcomings. Parents It is beneficial to use either an authoritative or permissive rule to educate children in different kinds of situations.


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