Courtney Departmental Seminar

Courtney presented her PhD work at the Biology Departmental Seminar. The seminar was beautifully delivered, followed by some good discussions. We celebrated the success of the seminar with beer and lavash  :-)


Functional cis studies in beetles

Still preprint, but the manuscript regarding our effort to establish a system to analyze enhancers in Tribolium is now available on bioRxiv (link).

We had a lot of struggles to make this work, but we also had a lot of fun collaborating with Dan, Marc, and Ezzat. This work was not possible at all without their help. No celebration yet, as we still need to find good home for this manuscript (fingers crossed), but hope this is a big step forward in insect evodevo!

We made all of our FAIRE data available (NCBI GEO link here), so you can take a look at your genes and hunt for your enhancers!


Summer recap 5: conferences

We attended several conferences during the summer.

Yoshi presented at the 4th Asian-Pasific Drosophila Conference in Osaka Japan,  Indian Society for Developmental Biologists in Pune India, and Pan-American evo-devo conference in Calgary Canada.

Courtney presented her poster at Pan-American evo-devo conference in Calgary Canada. She was also the student representative of the Pan-Am evo-devo council, working hard to organize the meeting.

All conferences were amazing and stimulating!

Bonus: students from shashi’s lab (who kindly hosted me during the conference) took me to the historical mountain fort near Pune. Amazing place!


Summer recap 4: visitors

We had to amazing visitors in our lab this summer. Ana Fernández, a PhD student from Xavier Belles lab in Barcelona Spain, spent three months with us and worked on elucidating metamorphosis mechanism in the German cockroach, Blattella germanica. Taka Ohde, an assistant professor at Kyoto University, also visited us. We worked together on establishing a mayfly culture method and analyzing mayfly morphology. Thank you both so much for visiting us. It was fun!!


Summer recap 2: COIS insect evo-devo issue

The special issue of Current Opinion in Insect Science that Yoshi Tomoyasu and Haruhiko Fujiwara at Tokyo University edited came out during the summer. The section “Development and regulation: The diverse traits that have facilitated the successful radiation of insects” (link) contains a lot of cool review articles on insect evo-devo, so don’t miss it :-) Here is the editorial overview (pdf). Huge thanks to all the contributed authors who made this special issue possible!


Summer recap 1: David graduated

Now the website is in better shape, we will recap what we did during summer.  First, about David, who successfully defended his dissertation on June 8th. Congratulations, Dr. Linz! He is now a post-doc in Moczek lab at Indiana University (an awesome evo-devo lab!), playing with cool dung beetles :-) Good luck, David!