Past Issues

Winter 2016: Past imPerfect (Issue 36)

Fall 2015: Lonesome Harvests (Issue 35)

Summer 2015: Curious Kin (Issue 34)

Spring 2015: Points of Origin (Issue 33)

Winter 2015: 30th Anniversary Issue (Issue 32)

Fall 2014: Square (Issue 31)


Gilmore Tamny
Nick Harmon
Judith Cody
Bruce Bagnell
Janica Meiners
Mitchell Grabois
Andrew Bertaina
Heidi Wallis
Roger Soffer
Andrew West
Gary Pierluigi
Valerie Stauffer
John McKernan
Colleen Maynard
Charlotte McCaffrey
Simon Smith
Hillary Sidaris
Amy Marengo

Summer 2014: June (Issue 30.2)

David Hernandez
Sandra Kolankiewicz
Douglas Korb
Amy Marengo
Douglas W. Milliken
Laura Schulkind

May 2014 (Issue 30.1)


Tommy Butler
Gary Dop
James Grinwis
Holly Hendin
Dustin Junkert

Summer 2013 (Issue 29)

Writing featuring:
Meagan Cass
Heather Cox
Brad Efford
Charles Gabel
Benjamin Goodney
Justin Hamm
Brad Johnson
Robert P Kaye
Meg Kennedy
Annie Mountcastle
Kellie Nadler
Emily Nordling
Ashleigh Phillips
Nathan Schaad
Susan Scutti
Tim Suermondt
Chelsea Tadeyeske

Artwork by:
Amy Chan
Aki Imai
Laina Joy
Amelia Jane Nierenberg
Billy Simms
Jenna Wilson

And an interview with Peter Orner, author of Esther Stories and Love and Shame and Love

Summer 2012 (Issue 28)

Winter 2011