Residence Halls

Our residence halls and apartments are organized using location-based quads. Click on any of the below options to explore the unique offerings and features of each of our buildings.
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Alphabetical Listing of Residence Halls

If you are unsure of which quad your hall is on, browse the alphabetical listing below.
Anderson Hall on South Quad
Beechwoods Hall on Western Campus
Bishop Hall on Academic Quad
Blanchard House in Heritage Commons
Brandon Hall on North Quad
Clawson Hall on Western Campus
Collins Hall on East Quad
Dennison Hall on East Quad
Dodds Hall on South Quad
Dorsey Hall on East Quad
Elliott Hall on Academic Quad
Emerson Hall on South Quad
Etheridge Hall on South Quad
Fisher Hall in Heritage Commons
Flower Hall on North Quad
Hahne Hall on North Quad
Hamilton Hall on Central Quad
Havighurst Hall on Western Campus
Hepburn Hall on North Quad
Hillcrest Hall on Western Campus
Logan Lodge in Heritage Commons
MacCracken Hall on Central Quad
Mary Lyon Hall on Western Campus
McBride Hall on East Quad
McFarland Hall on North Quad
McKee Hall on Western Campus
Maplestreet Station on Central Quad
Miami Inn on East Quad
Minnich Hall on Central Quad
Morris Hall on South Quad
Ogden Hall on Academic Quad
Peabody Hall on Western Campus
Pines Lodge in Heritage Commons
Porter Hall on South Quad
Reid Hall in Heritage Commons
Richard Hall on on Central Quad
Scott Hall on Central Quad
Stanton Hall on South Quad
Stoddard Hall on Academic Quad
Stonebridge Hall on Western Campus
Swing Hall on North Quad
Symmes Hall on East Quad
Tallawanda Hall in Heritage Commons
Tappan Hall on South Quad
Thomson Hall on Western Campus
Wells Hall on Academic Quad
Wilson Hall on East Quad