HDRBS Student Handbook – Welcome & General Information

We’re happy that you have joined us in this vital part of Miami University and Housing, Dining, Recreation & Business Services (HDRBS). Your role as a student employee is an important one; you are providing service to your fellow students, as well as learning skills that will transfer to your career after graduation from Miami University.

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Department Mission

“We are a team dedicated to enriching the Miami experience by providing excellent products and services.”

Our Foundation Goals

We are committed to the highest possible standards in:

  • Health and safety
  • Economy of operations
  • Quality of products and services

Our Core Value Statements

As a member of the HDRBS team, I will:

  • Practice personal accountability beginning with ME.
  • Be committed to continuous learning and improvement.
  • Assist other members of our team in the pursuit of excellence.
  • Promote trust and respect.
  • Support diversity and acceptance, appreciating differences that define us as unique individuals.
  • Be responsive to the needs and expectations of all our customers.
  • Understand that a complaint is an opportunity.
  • Support meaningful learning experiences for students.
  • Be responsible in the use of our earth’s resources.

Job Description

It is our goal to engage students in a partnership for education. We strive to enhance your development by finding opportunities for you to find relevance and purpose in all parts of your job. Your challenge will be developing and honing your skills in each of the following areas:

  • Responsibility & Accountability: It is vital to your employer that you are on time, dressed appropriately, and accountable for your own work
  • Communication: Excellent communication is vital to our operating and requires both active listening and appropriate, goal-oriented action
  • Customer Service: Service is a marked character trait that is crucial to our success in operations. We are here to serve our customers. You will learn the importance of professionalism and anticipating the needs of others.
  • Creativity & Critical Thinking: It is always necessary to think critically of our operations and find creative, LEAN ways to handle obstacles and improve our processes & services
  • Teamwork: Being part of a team builds character. Knowing and understanding how our work affects others is only developed through the practice of working together. Collaboration, sacrifice and support are all vital to our success as a team
  • Global & Cultural Awareness: Your opportunities to work beside and serve our diverse population of customers will enhance your appreciation of cultural differences, help you to recognize every person as an individual, and ensure your professionalism through sharing, tolerance and respect for all
  • Leadership: You will gain personal leadership skills through self-motivation, problem solving, decision making, and prioritization in your everyday work

We also practice engaged learning through employment. Engaged learning involves guiding students to develop their own belief system, actively engaging students in discovering new knowledge, and creating a vibrant campus learning community. We offer three key educational tenets to guide our practice:

  • GUIDE STUDENTS to develop their own integrated belief system and identity, which prepares them personally and intellectually for lifelong learning;
  • ACTIVELY ENGAGE STUDENTS in discovering new knowledge in a sequenced way to enable them to think critically, make informed judgments and act ethically;
  • CREATE A VIBRANT CAMPUS LEARNING COMMUNITY that blends in-class and out-of-class learning opportunities and involves all educators in promoting students’ learning.

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