HDRBS Student Employee Handbook – Payroll & Getting Paid

For any questions regarding payroll, please visit Payroll.

There are two ways to sign up:

  • Filling out a Direct Deposit card at Payroll Services or Student Employment
  • Filling out Direct Deposit information online through BannerWeb
  1. Login to BannerWeb via MyMiami
  2. Click “Employee Services Online”
  3. Click “Pay Information”
  4. Click “Payroll Direct Deposit Allocation”

You will need your 9-digit TRANSIT/ROUTING number for your bank’s specific location, as well as your CHECKING or SAVINGS account number. If you have a checking account with checks, both numbers can be located on the bottom:


**You can also change your allocations through this screen once you have initially set up your direct deposit**

Checking your Pay Stub on BannerWeb

To view your pay stubs online:

  1.  Login to BannerWeb via MyMiami
  2.  Click “Employee Services Online”
  3.  Click “Pay Information”
  4.  Click “Pay Stubs”
  5.  Choose the pay year, and click “Display”
  6.  Select the pay stub date to view details

How and When Will I Get Paid?

A payroll schedule is posted in each dining hall and students working in a residence hall will be given a copy when hired. Students are paid on a bi-weekly pay schedule, with two (2) full weeks passing from the end of a pay period to the pay check/deposit for that same pay period.

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