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Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

Federal Government FERPA Information
Miami University FERPA Site
Miami University FERPA Form

FERPA is a 1974 federal law designed to protect the privacy of students. In very general terms, FERPA gives college students the rights to:

  1.  Control the disclosure of their “education records” to others; and
  2. Inspect and review their own “education records”

Unlike at the primary and secondary school level, these rights belong to the student, and not to the student’s parents or legal guardians, regardless of the student’s age. The term “education records” includes almost all information we maintain about our students including course schedules, grade reports, bursar’s bill, student financial aid, academic information and disciplinary records. Medical information is protected by federal and state law and cannot be obtained without the student’s express written consent.

Miami Student Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Miami University collects, stores, and distributes large amounts of information essential to the performance of University business. Although a large portion of Miami University information is available to the public, a significant portion of our information is protected by state and federal laws. To comply with these laws and protect the University community, Miami University has the right and obligation to protect, manage, secure, and control information in its possession. Any student employee that has access to confidential information maintained by Miami University, including information about students, parents, faculty and staff should maintain the absolute confidentiality of all such information.

All student employees that have access to such confidential information must sign the Miami University Student-Employee Confidentiality Agreement. Any breach of confidentiality by the student may result in student disciplinary action and/or the termination of employment. Intentional or deliberate violations may be cause for criminal or civil sanctions.

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