Digital Display Requests

Housing, Dining, Recreation & Business Services and Armstrong Student Center are partnering to give you the opportunity to advertise campus-wide on over 75 digital screens. You asked and we listened—new for fall of 2015, we are switching to full-screen ads. Your ads will also be featured on the video wall near the dining area of Armstrong Student Center.


Advertisements could reach up to 100,000 views weekly. Your advertisement will be displayed for 15 seconds up to 15 times per hour at the following locations: Armstrong Student Center, residence halls, select dining locations, The Shriver Center, Goggin Ice Center, and Rec Sports Center. Across the 75+ screens, your advertisement will be displayed over 20,000 times per week.

Prices and Bulk Ad Packages

We offer different pricing options by day or week to best fit your budget. A great way to save up to 20% off is by purchasing a bulk ad package. View 2016-2017 pricing and packages for Student Organizations or University Departments.

Summer and Orientation Rates

We are offering digital ad space during orientation and throughout the summer. View rates and find the request link below.

Orientation Package May 31–June 30

Student Organizations— Half Screen $100  |  Full Screen $150
Department— Full Screen $250  |

Discounts – $50 off multiple ads for full-screen ads only

Summer Package (From date approved—August 21)

Student Organizations— Half-Screen $150  |  Full-Screen $225
Departments— Full-Screen $400

Discounts – $75 off multiple ads for full-screen ads only

How to Place a Display Request

After reviewing the information on this page, visit and fill out our Summer/Orientation request form.

Helpful Hints

            • Size of full-screen ad is 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall
            • Size of half-screen ad is 960 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall (available to student organizations only)
          • Ads should be .jpg, .png or .pdf
              • Keep it simple. Double check for errors in spelling, grammar and quality of images
              • Design advertisements between 96 dpi and 300 dpi
              • Do not use more than three fonts and no smaller than 16 pt
              • Design to be eye-pleasing, eye-catching, and READABLE
              • Look before you submit! If your advertisement would not make you attend your event or sign-up for your group, you may want to alter your advertisement

Scheduling Procedures

          • There will be up to 16 purchased ads in rotation. Your ad will be shown based on your request. Suggested time to request an ad is 10 days before your event date for timely approval and possible editing.
          • If you have not seen your advertisement after it was supposed to have started showing, please call 513-529-4526.
          • In the event that there are open spots in the current week’s rotation, ads may be placed at the standard rate over the phone at 513-529-4526.

Approval Requirements

        • Student Organizations must be listed on The Hub ( and have a non-delinquent account/budget.
        • HDRBS reserves the right to exercise judgement on content based on the criteria in the Student Handbook (Part 5, Chapter 7) as well as the use of, but not limited to, profane/inappropriate language or images, alcohol, illegal substances, wrong format or bad quality, or direct competition of services provided by HDRBS. If your ad is rejected, your account will not be charged and you will be notified by email with reason(s) and a new request must be submitted in order to be approved.


            • A university account/index Code is required in order to purchase advertisement space. No hosting documents are required.
            • Transactions will take place once your request is approved and scheduled. Transfer of money will be conducted by Auxiliary Business Office. The transaction will appear as “HDRBS Display Advertisement” on your monthly statements.

Contact Us

  • Please call 513-529-4526 with any questions or inquiries into our digital advertising service.

Thank you for your business and we look forward to helping you promote your organizations, programs and events.