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Looking for advice from a fellow Miami student?  Returnee Corps

The members of the Returnee Corp are ready to help answer your questions and share their own experiences.  Feel free to reach out to us with questions about our program, how we chose it, what credit we received and budgeting/financing.

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Lena Wilson | Florence, Italy | Spring 2015

Major: Marketing

Favorite Place: “Too Hard to pick just one! Florence will always be my favorite because it was my home. Other than that, I loved Sevilla, Spain, Santorini, Greece and Croatia.”

Advice for Younger Students: “Don’t be afraid to go abroad for a whole semester. I know so many people who are afraid that they will miss out so much while they are gone because so much can happen in a semester at Miami. Honestly, when I was abroad I never even had time to miss Miami nor did I even think about what was happening overseas because I was so in love with every second of my experience I had.”

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Caitlin Schneider | Sevilla, Spain | Spring 2015


Majors: Speech Pathology and Audiology and Spanish

Favorite Place: “The Scottish Highlands. I went on a tour of several castles and lakes. It was very calm and peaceful, unlike most of the big European cities I had previously visited.”

Advice for Younger Students: “Pack for any kind of weather! I studied abroad in a warm Mediterranean climate, but it got very cold in January and February and no one had a heater. I had to buy several sweatshirts that I was very grateful for when I visited places in Northern Europe.”

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Asli Soylem | Sevilla, Spain | Spring 2016

asli pic at miami

Major: International Studies

Minor: Economics, Management, and Leadership

Asli is an international student from Istanbul, Turkey.  Before coming to Miami Asli participated in study abroad and exchange programs in England, the Netherlands, and Macedonia starting at age 11 and she will study in Sevilla, Spain next semester!

Favorite Place: “Greece- because of its rich history, culture and delicious Mediterranean food.”

Advice for Younger Students: “Studying abroad is absolutely a life-changing experience that is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Always keep an open mind to cultural differences while you’re abroad and be genuine. Study abroad for more meaningful purposes than just traveling; meet the locals and build lifelong intercultural friendships.”

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Halbert Lee | Costa Rica | J-Term 2014


Major: International Studies

Minors: Chinese and Sustainability

Favorite Place: “Monteverde because it is surrounded by tropical and cloud forests. The view was amazing. We also visited a coffee base and participated canopy tours.”

Advice for Younger Students: “Going abroad is not in order to arrive to a destination, but it is for enjoying the delights during the trip.”

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Savannah Pocisk | MUDEC (Luxembourg) | Fall 2014


Majors: Psychology and Sustainability

Favorite Place: “I really loved visiting Budapest, Hungary. It was my first time visiting a place where I felt out of my comfort zone and I loved it. It was a weird experience to feel like I’ve stepped back in time.”

Advice for Younger Students:  “Don’t be afraid to study abroad without knowing anyone else in the program!  No matter where you go, you will make some new great friends!”

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Rebecca Steinberg | Rennes, France | Fall 2014


Majors: International Studies and French

Minor: Business Management

Favorite Place: “Strasbourg, France. The architecture was unlike anything I had ever seen before and provided a window onto a region of Europe that I had yet to experience.”

Advice for Younger Students: “Be patient with yourself while you are abroad, especially if you are staying with a host family and/or learning and speaking a second language. Take it a day at a time and be sure to set goals for yourself, such as conversing with your host family on a certain topic or exploring a certain part of the city or culture of the region.”

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Kirsten Drew | MUDEC (Luxembourg) | Spring 2015

2015-04-04 18.54.16

Majors: International Studies and Sustainability

Favorite Place: “Over spring break I went to London and also got to visit Wales and Oxford. I think it is one of my favorites because I could see myself living there with all of its history and culture.”

Advice for Younger Students: “You’re going to have expectations, those expectations are going to be disappointed and exceeded. But no matter what, you’re going to learn things about yourself that you never knew (especially how much you’re going to fall in love with traveling and all that it has to offer).”

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Alexandra Harris | Cartagena, Colombia and London | J- Term 2014 and Spring 2015


Major: Supply Chain and Operations Management

Minors: Spanish and Latin American Studies

Favorite Place: “My favorite place outside of London was definitely Budapest, Hungary. It was less touristy than most of the cities I had been to and was a breath of fresh air. It felt more authentic and less catered to outsiders than most big European cities.”

Advice for Younger Students: “Do not be afraid to do a study abroad program alone. I was the only Miami student in my London program and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I was pushed even further out of my comfort zone because of this. I was able to meet Americans from all over the country, some of whom are some of my closest friends now.”

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Sarah Vesely | Florence, Italy | Spring 2015


Major: Marketing

Minor: Italian

Favorite Place: “I loved Split, Croatia and the Amalfi Coast. Just the same as Florence, these places were absolutely stunning. Pictures honestly don’t do any city in Europe justice. Every city was a new and exciting experience and quite honestly, there was not a city that I didn’t love.”

Advice for Younger Students: “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Before last spring, I had never left the country. The plane ride over to Europe had my mind buzzing with all different kinds of emotions. Traveling the world can be difficult and frustrating at times but, at the end of it, I grew incredibly as a person.”

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Emma Bock | Geneva, Switzerland | Spring 2015


Majors: Diplomacy and Global Politics

Minor: Anthropology

Favorite Place: “Istanbul, because it’s a place I’ve wanted to visit for years, and I met some of the friendliest people I’d encountered abroad while I was there.”

Advice for Younger Students: “Don’t restrict yourself to itineraries or “safe” countries. Let yourself wing it on places you see or travel to; you’d be surprised how much more fun you can have on a trip if you don’t rigidly plan every activity, or don’t only travel to English-speaking countries or those with familiar cultures.”

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Christine Ostrosky | MUDEC (Luxembourg) | Spring 2015


Majors: International Studies and Political Science

Minor: Arabic

Favorite Place: “Rome, because it was amazing to walk through history.”

Advice for Younger Students: “Go with the flow – try new things and don’t get stressed when your plans don’t work out.”

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Katie Beckley | MUDEC (Luxembourg) | Spring 2015


Major: Information Systems and Analytics

Minor: German

Favorite Place: “Transylvania, Romania. My mom, grandma and I traveled by car across Romania during Spring Break to reconnect my grandma with the home she fled from as a child (due to WWII). It had been over 70 years since she left, and it was astounding to see the village she grew up in and the medieval church she attended.  This trip was certainly once in a lifetime and I’m extremely grateful to have experienced it!”

Advice for Younger Students: “Don’t be afraid to look stupid saying the three words you know in a foreign language. Even if people switch to English for your benefit, saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in their native tongue goes a long way!”

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Katie Gliebe | MUDEC (Luxembourg) | Spring 2015


Major: Media and Culture

Minors: European Area Studies and Creative Writing

Favorite Place: “Ireland. I loved the scenery, and the people were extremely friendly (unlike any other place I had been to, both in Europe and in America).”

Advice for Younger Students: “Make sure to do research on the places/programs you are interested in, and find the one that fits you! There are so many opportunities, so find one that you will be happy with!”

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Maddie Jordan | MUDEC (Luxembourg) | Spring 2015


Major: Finance

Favorite Place: “Zadar, Croatia becuase it was not touristy and beautiful. We also went bungee jumping which was my favorite activity!”

Advice for Younger Students: “Plan ahead! Everything is way cheaper and less stressful if you plan your trips in advance.”

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