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Meet our Ambassador, Amira Beasley!


Amira in SpainAmira Beasley

Major: International Studies, Latin American Studies (Spanish minor)

Location: Madrid, Spain

Program: USAC 

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One tip that I would give a prospective study abroad student would be to plan ahead throughout the entire process. Take the time to look up scholarships, scour the internet for the best flight deals, and go ahead and plan out some of your weekend trips even before you leave the U.S.. There were a few places that I wanted to go to in Europe, but I waited too late to buy a plane ticket, and then the price spiked and it became too expensive… One of my favorite ways to begin planning a trip to a new city is to find out if there are any special events or celebrations that I would be interested in attending.



Meet our Ambassadors: Andrew Polack


Student Ambassador, Andrew Polack


Andrew Abroad

Media & Culture Major, Minors in Creative Writing and Film Studies

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Advice for Future Study Abroad-ers:

“The quicker you learn it, the better: Everything Will Be Okay. There were a multitude of hiccups during my time abroad such as trains being late or just not arriving at all, hostel reservations going missing, and not being able to fit everything that I wanted to do into my schedule. But if you have a clear head and do some problem solving, everything honestly works out for the better and you won’t have wasted energy on stressing out about a situation you have no control over.”

Meet our Ambassadors: Emily Paxson


Emily Paxson, Studied in Chiang Mai, Thailand with USAC

Emily Paxson holding a monkey in Bali!

Get out of your comfort zone! You will learn so much about yourself when you challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone. Go to a country out of the ordinary, go abroad with no one that you know, or maybe just going abroad is going beyond that level of comfort. Whatever it is, go beyond it. 

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Meet our Ambassadors: Jake Peters


Study Abroad Ambassador, Jake Peters

Jake in Greece

Political Science

Miami University Luxembourg (MUDEC)

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Advice for Future MUDEC-ers: For people that go to Luxembourg, make sure you really take the time to get to know the country.  My host would always give us cool places to go explore in Luxembourg City or even in Differdange.

Advice for Underclassman wanted to go Abroad: Go abroad!!  Even if it isn’t to Luxembourg, Miami offers many programs which will suit your wants and needs, whether it is a cost affordable option or one which advocates for travel!!  And make sure to always be adventurous!!  There is always a story waiting to be told!!


Meet our Ambassadors: Madison Kawiecki


Madison Kawiecki, MUDEC (Luxembourg)

Study Abroad AmbassadorAbroad

Majors: Business Economics/Data Analytics

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For students who are interested in studying abroad in Luxembourg I would say to do something throughout the semester that makes the experience truly your own.  Since all of the students you are with are from Miami it is easy to follow the crowd, whether that is a certain class you enroll in or a weekend trip everyone seems to be taking.  Don’t be afraid to do something out of the box, or different from the other ~100 students on your trip.  It is those experiences that will make your study abroad trip truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

To younger students looking to study abroad in general I would start with a list of the top 5 or top 10 things you’d want out of a study abroad experience.  Whether that is a host family experience, class credit towards your major, or getting to as many countries as possible, once you figure out what you’re looking for the most, finding a program will be a lot easier!  This way you’ll know ahead of time that what you were looking for in your experience will become a reality.