Recipients of Jackson Scholarships – Lateasha Meyers & Kimberley Jenkins

The Jackson Scholars Program is a network offering extraordinary opportunities for graduate students of color to engage in formal networking, mentoring, and professional development. These opportunities are offered to provide graduate students pathways as professors of educational leadership. Students who anticipate pursuing an academic career in PK-12 Educational Leadership are eligible to be nominated for the two-year program. Jackson Scholars are fully funded for two UCEA conferences and two AERA conferences. At each conference, there are professional development opportunities specifically designed for the Jackson Scholar cohort.

Lateasha Meyers and Kimberley Jenkins were named Jackson Scholars this year. Both students are full-time Ph.D. students in the Educational Leadership Ph.D., also known as the Leadership, Culture and Curriculum doctoral program. As a Jackson Scholar, there are several things students hope to gain from the program. First, is the opportunity to engage in strong mentorship that can help guide students through the transition from student to scholar. Second, is participating in meaningful networking experiences. Finally, scholars develop as stronger professionals through the programming that is offered. Congratulations to Lateasha and Kimberley for becoming part of the Jackson Scholar family!