Esther Claros – Berlioz — One of the 2017 YWCA Rising Stars of the Year

Esther Claros-Berlioz

Nurtured under the common goal of To Lift as we Climb, Esther Claros Berlioz is a 2017 recipient of the YWCA “Rising Star” award. Esther Claros-Berlioz is a full-time Educational Leadership Ph.D. student in the Leadership, Culture and Curriculum program on the Oxford campus.The Rising Starts Award is given to women between the ages of 25-40 who are considered to be emerging leaders in their communities, and who work towards the YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Esther says that attending the orientation award was an amazing experience as she was given the opportunity to appreciate firsthand the sisterhood that comes from being a part of the YWCA. Esther is defending her comprehensive exams in the LCC program.

To learn more about the Rising Star award, please follow this link