Dissertation Topic Highlights — EdD Cohort

David Hile

I propose to do a mixed methods bounded case study of a school readiness program called READY! for Kindergarten administered during the 2011-12 to 2013-14 school years. READY! is a commercial program designed to provide preschool parents with the targets (age appropriate literacy benchmarks), tools (literacy materials and manipulatives) and training (instruction in engaging in literacy activities with children) to help parents help their children enhance their literacy skills in preparation for success in kindergarten and beyond. This case study will be framed in Epstein’s (2001) overlapping spheres of influence model, which is based on the premise that the extent and quality of the relationship among family, school, and community impacts student learning and growth. The research question is: How has READY! impacted entering kindergarten students’ school readiness? Theme 1. How are entering kindergarten reading readiness scores of children whose families attended READY! classes during the preschool years different from those whose families did not attend READY! classes? Theme 2: Dosage effect: How has the number of READY! sessions attended affected reading readiness scores? Theme 3: How has attending READY! classes changed parents’ perceptions and behaviors regarding preschool literacy and language acquisition? Theme 4: How has attending READY! classes impacted the quantity and age appropriateness of literacy materials parents make available to their children at home?

David Hile joined the Educational Leadership Ed.D. program in 2015. He serves as Superintendent of Licking Valley Local Schools and lives in the Licking Valley School District with his wife Angie and two high school-age sons, Ethan and Hayden, and their two Australian Shepherds, Snickers and Skittles. 

Jaclyn Angle

I have had a strong passion for students with disabilities both as a teacher and administrator. I am passionate about ensuring all students have the opportunity to be educated beside their non-disabled peers. My passion was instilled in me early on because I was a student who struggled academically. Because of my struggles, I became a teacher to help students similar to me. I have found during my tenure as a teacher and administrator, teachers have varying opinions of inclusiveness based on specific attributes, background experiences, and educational experiences. My research is focused on understanding what attributes are related to both strong negative and positive attitudes of inclusion. I am researching the contributing attributes general education teachers possess that create strong perceptions of including students with disabilities in the general education setting.  My research is focused at the high school level at a high performing building according to the Ohio’s Performance Index scores.

Jaclyn Angle joined the Columbus E.d.D. cohort in the summer of 2015. She is currently the Associate Principal at Upper Arlington High School in Upper Arlington, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. Before she became the Associate Principal in Upper Arlington, Angle was a math teacher and principal for Reynoldsburg City Schools. Angle is married to husband Matt and has a daughter named Payton who is 1 and 1/2 years old. They live in Upper Arlington and enjoy staying busy and spending time together as a family.