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Welcome to Miami University’s Dining Services website.  Here you can explore dining options, hours of operation, nutrition information, meal plan options, and more.

New Harris and Martin Dining Centers Buffet Hours

We are pleased to announce that Harris and Martin Dining Centers have added new buffet dinners on Friday nights from 5:00pm-8:00pm.

Letter from the Senior Director of Dining and Culinary Services

Students, Parents, and Miami University Community,

First and foremost, our goal and standard is to provide an outstanding dining experience for students. This is done through close relationships with student groups, constant program assessment, and a solid staffing structure. Due to this dedication, we are now serving more meals than ever before (29,000 transactions daily). As we all know, great success brings great challenges.

Historically, student staffing numbers begin low, rapidly increase, and then even out in the fourth week. This year, we have been met with an unanticipated challenge­­—students are not applying for jobs. Compared to this time last year, we are at half the level of student staffing. That translates into over 3,000 unscheduled hours weekly.

Because of these unscheduled hours, students are experiencing long lines at Armstrong Student Center. In order to address these issues, the department has implemented and/or will be implementing the following:

  • Recruiting to add more full-time and part-time staff
  • Holding a student job fair
  • Creating new bonus programs for student employees in dining
  • Reevaluating staffing structures
  • Shifting labor between several operations to increase staffing at busy locations
  • Using multiple temporary work agencies
  • Recruiting high school students
  • Adding popular mobile dining alternatives around Armstrong Student Center to help alleviate the lines

We understand that time is a precious commodity during classes and we want to ensure that all students are able to get lunch. Therefore, we would like to invite students to the other venues surrounding Armstrong Student Center.

  • Maplestreet Station
  • Western Dining Commons
  • Bell Tower Place
  • King Café
  • Market Street at MacCracken

These close-proximity locations will provide a variety of options, including grab-and-go salads and sandwiches.  For location hours, please visit http://blogs.miamioh.edu/dining/dining-options/.

Many have also expressed concerns about buffet service on campus. We proudly offer buffet-style lunch seven days a week, dinner five days a week, brunch on the weekends, and an all-new Super Brunch buffet at Western Dining Commons on Sundays. The recent change in breakfast service was based on several years of declining customer counts and student feedback that called for a quick, grab-and-go breakfast option that they can eat on the way to class.

Again, we extend our gratitude for the prompt assessments. Our success is based solely on student satisfaction. We ask for patience and understanding as we continue to work through these issues.

Love & Honor,

Nancy Heidtman
Senior Director of Dining and Culinary Services

Student Employee Bonus Benefits

'Bonus pay'


September 19th-December 5th

Students working the following number of hours and working at least four (4) hours during finals week will receive:

88-109 hours_____$65.00 bonus                                    176-197 hours____$120.00 bonus

110-131 hours____$80.00 bonus                                    198-219 hours____$135.00 bonus

132-153 hours____$90.00 bonus                                    220+ hours_______$150.00 bonus

154-175 hours___$105.00 bonus

Dining Locations & Hours of Operation

Navigate to the Dining Options section to view a full list of dining locations at Miami University. Hours of operation are provided once you select a dining location.

Americas New Menu | Fall 2014

Based on student feedback, we extended the hours and expanded the menu for Americas at Maplestreet Station. The new menu features regional favorites from all over the county, such as Cincinnati-style chili dogs, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, chicken and waffles, beef brisket sandwiches, and crab cakes. You will find convenient dining options with flavors from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

Miami Cakes

If you are planning a special event or hoping to surprise a friend, the Miami Bakery is here to help you customize your own cake creation. You can choose from classic flavors such as carrot cake or find a new favorite such as espresso torte. Don’t forget to get 6, 12 or more custom cupcakes to share with your friends and family! Explore our Miami Cakes ordering options.

MyTray Nutrition

Whether you are looking to make a lifestyle change or have dietary restrictions, full nutrition information is available to all patrons on the MyTray Nutrition page. The nutrition information is organized by dining location.

Private Dining Options | Reserve A Room

We have several private dining rooms available for reservation. Whether your celebrating a birthday or hosting lunch meeting, reserve a room online today.

Feedback | Let Us Know How We’re Doing

We want to hear about your dining experience. Use our online feedback form to share your opinions with us. We work hard to ensure that every patron has a satisfactory dining experience.